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Another edition of the Sporting Washup is here, and with a slightly new format. As many of our many reader will realise, or not.


Is Bernie Ecclestone losing the plot?
There’s no better way to prove things are starting to go awry when you come out in support of Sepp Blatter as the FIFA President. When nearly everyone in the world, except for Putin and Blatter himself are running as far away from the Swiss dict….mmmm President of FIFA, Bernie proves he’s his own man by backing the FIFA President. Not that there’s anything wrong with backing the head of the most corrupt organisation in the world, especially if you avoid being charged for fraud by spending 100 Million to clear your name. Maybe after selling F1 back to himself he can retire in the Cayman Islands with Blatter, Chris Cairns, and Lance Armstrong.

Did Greg Miles’ call of the Caulfield Cup deserve the backlash it got?
Race calling is not easy. At one point of The Gurgler’s life they wanted to be a racecaller. Cue taping several weeks of horse and greyhound racing and a few months of sounding like the world’s biggest sporting nerd attempting to get through the names of all eight greyhounds three times before the race finishes. Needless to say this rarely read blog is as close as we’ll ever get, but we still have the greatest respect for any race callers, in fact some of our favourite sporting people are race callers. Alan Thomas, Darren McCaulay, Ian Craig.

So Greg Miles got the winner of one of the biggest races outside the Melbourne Cup wrong. Did the people who backed the horse really care? Was it a factor in why the other 20 odd horses didn’t win? It was a mistake, but he is a caller of the highest quality and a rare mistake. Like referees, race callers are probably best when not noticed, and mistakes are crucified, but have a look around other sports for callers of other games who are awful for 80-100 minutes week in and week out.

Try and call a race or two, and see how you would. Or settle in with a beer and enjoy the next race.

How can Rugby League stay relevant in the off season?
Apparently not content with allowing the AFL to Hogg all the off season press thanks to their excellent trade period, Rugby League has ensured it stays on the headlines with a raft of off field incidents. Featuring Tim Lodge in New York, Rhys Wesser’s assault charge, and same with Hasim el Masri today, sacking of Ivan Cleary and the resignation of CEO Dave Smith. No wonder they say they don’t need to copy the AFL.

Could be worse, they could give the CEO job to Todd Greenberg….

THE GOLDEN HOGG for performance of the week.
The Gurgler has been slack with following the Moto GP this year, but always seem to be rewarded when the effort was made. So we took advantage with the more social kick off time and settled in, and were treated to some great racing action, including the last lap, last corner dicing which you get in not many other places. With F1 being more of a dross-fest each week, and Lewis Hamilton containing 85% of the personality of the entire grid, and Bernie in charge, and constant talk of what should be done to “improve the show” maybe they could take some pointers from the simplicity of Moto GP.

THE UNPOLISHED TURD for the stink of the week.
MCLAREN for sacking Kevin Magnussen via email on his birthday.
When a relationship that is doomed you know the end is coming and are just awaiting the official boot, and Kevin Magnussen will surely have known he was on the outer of the McLaren, but if you received a text break up on your birthday you’d be pretty hurt, and so Magnussen will be too. He might be thankful that he didn’t get this year’s McLaren Honda to destroy his career.

You may have missed it, but not only did the Gurgler’s favourite Australian Golfer win a tournament on the secondary US Tour Tour but he made the top 25 money earners meaning we’ll see loads more of Pamps in 2016 on te USPGA Tour and provide many more weekly updates.

Not content with being an underrated Aussie battler, he even hosts his own Charity Golf day which happened in Texas two weekends ago. What a man. Hopefully we see him and plenty O wins on the Australian tour this summer.


V8’s on the GOLD COAST
COX PLATE @ Moonee Valley
WALL TO WALL FOOTBALL FROM Wednesday Morning to Monday Morning
We even admit the RWC Semis look interesting.

RACING – SRIKANDI to win the Manikato Stakes
GOLF – ANGEL JIMINEZ to finish Top 10 in Hong Kong
RWC – NEW ZEALAND -8.5 start v South Africa
RWC – AUSTRALIA to beat Argentina
F1 – VETTEL to finish on the podium
V8s- WHINCUP / DUMBRELL to be Top Holden
$1 pays $327.77

Well we made it to the second week after successfully tipping Scotland to cover 15.5 against Australia in the RWC. The win paid $2.10 giving us that amount to reinvest this week. So in our attempt to put five wins in a row together we’re staying with the RWC if you can believe it.
$2.10 on New Zealand -8.5 start v South Africa.
Will get our Ticket to Ride to $4.01


Since Greg Miles is apparently so terrible, we’ve found some calls that are great.

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