The Wash Up – The Gurgler’s Sporting Weekly Review, Highlights & Best Bets

A Weekly Sporting Review just the way you like it...Weekly, Short, and with no added MSG or Rugby

The Gurgler’s Sporting weekly return now that Footy of either code is all over, and with a new name to attempt to cover the fact that it is exactly the same as the previous incarnation.

Each week or whenever we can be bothered we’ll go through the week that was and is of sport. Doffing our cap at the achievement whilst wheeling out the bricks for the shite. Plus our super multi with many legs, a big pay day and a chance of winning that goes in the opposite direction. Plus the Ticket to Ride bet, attempting to get 5 bets of $2.00+ in a row. Sounds easy? Not for us.

Plus Dr Sportz answers the many questions that have been thrown his way.

Australia’s greatest day of sloth

Praise the sporting gods for the Bathurst 1000, one of the great annual excuses for crashing in the lounge with sport on the TV all day without feeling guilty or needing to do anything at all. Kudos to Fox Sports for the excellent all day coverage. Kudos to Craig Lowndes and Steven Richards for winning the race, if you’re going to have another driver ruin all your bets, why not have your hopes dashed by Mr Nice Guy.

Would love to see a 5 lap mini F1 race and would settle for just a televised lap on the day of the race. Or perhaps we could solve the Uber v Cabs debate once and for all with a race featuring 50 cars from each side and the winner at the end get all of the taxi business.

The Rugby World Cup

Apparently the Rugby World Cup has reached the knockout stage meaning just three more rounds of fixtures  and a Wallaby disappointment await. And probably a few more hundred injuries. What about the Australia – Wales game with nothing but penalty goals, talk about giving the fans what they want. Maybe they could spice up the game with golden try games when two decent sides meet.

Quick Questions

Is the Presidents Cup the Winter Olympics of Golf?
Is anyone watching the Matador Cup One Day Domestic Cup?

The Unofficial Rod Pampling Update
The Gurgler loves the great Aussie Battler Rod Pampling who continues to ply his trade on the golf courses in the USA for little or no fanfare or spruiking. Does her deserve more, of course, like so many other forgotten Australian sporting stars. Well you can be guaranteed that we care, and we’ll keep you up to date on all your Pampling news.

LAST RESULT: T24 – Web.Com Championship – 9 shots off the pace.
NOTABLE: 20th in Top 25 of Tour – PGA Tour Card for 2016 ready. Earnings : $197,493.77

Dr Sportz Answers Your Questions
Q. After the fantastic success of Channel 9’s The Verdict, which sporting star other than ex AFL player Campbell Brown would you like to see on the show. Tom Smedley – Narangba QLD.

A. Given the line up on Channel 9’s Q&A 4 LCD show they can’t be taking it too seriously, and neither will we.

  • Warwick Capper
  • Dirk Tazelaar
  • David Reynolds
  • Rob Parella


Here it is – the Super Multi with too many legs to follow and not enough chance to win. There’s not much left to bet on so Rugby World Cup it is believe it or not.

$1 for $232
RWC – NZ to beat France
RWC – WALES +13.5 start v South Africa
RWC – SCOTLAND + 14.5 start v Australia
RWC – ARGENTINA +8.5 start v Ireland
ALEAGUE – ADELAIDE to beat Western Sydney
ALEAGUE – PERTH to beat Wellington
ALEAGUE – A Red Card – Melb City v Melb Victory


The theory is simple – it’s an all up with just one bet a week and attempting to get to 5 in a row and take out the winnings.

RWC – SCOTLAND + 14.5 start v Australia



Caulfield Cup
UK and EURO Football returns
MLB Playoffs
More NFL and Hayne hype
Domestic One Day Comp.


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