March 28, 2017

Crap Fantales – Space City – the Futuristic Shopping Centre…In Kallangur

Another addition to the Crap Fantales Hall of Fame - Space City - A Suburban Shopping for the Future

Back in the not too distant past someone dared to dream. A Shopping Centre with a difference. Whilst the modern trend is to go higher, bigger, and have more shops with more prestige, someone dared to do something different – a Space themed Shopping Centre housed in giant domes. And where would you put such an extravagance? London, USA, Japan? How about Kallangur – a northern outer suburb of Brisbane.

The giant domes represented many things that were good with the late 70’s / 80’s – moustaches, America’s Cup wins, the drinkingiest Prime Minister of all time, and Spaced Themed buildings. Situated on iconic Anzac Avenue, it was a proud achievement for the people of Kallangur, and following the links below, is still well remembered.

It was a hit for the locals whilst it was open and after it closed it became to place to have a hit. But let’s not drag down the memories of its golden era and congratulate it posthumously on becoming a member of the Crap Fantales hall of fame.

If seeing is believing, then see your way to the links below. Even a video of the construction. Outstanding and please accept.

Some photos can be found at this link courtesy of the Facebook page MyTownMag.

The below video is originally from the excellent Facebook Page from Kallangster


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