Crap Fantales – Space City – the Futuristic Shopping Centre…In Kallangur

Ever wonder if someone should build a spaced themed Shopping Centre with giant domes? It has already been done with Space City in Kallangur not so long ago.

space city

Back in the not too distant past someone dared to dream. A Shopping Centre with a difference. And so Space City was born in the heart of the Old Pine Rivers country. Yvonne Chapman territory.

Whilst the modern trend is to go higher, bigger, and have more shops with more prestige, a fresh food section, and the trendiest shop filled with the trendiest clothes from the UK, someone dared to do something different. Something memorable.

How about a Space themed Shopping Centre housed in giant domes? Hard to believe, keep reading and you’ll find out.

And where would you put such an extravagance? London, USA, Japan? How about Kallangur – a northern outer suburb of Brisbane.

Space City has almost become an urban myth, remembered only a small wedge of people who grew up in Pine Rivers in the 70’s and 80’s can recall its magnificence. When people are shown images of Space City, they can scarcely believe that such an ambitious project was ever built, let alone in Kallangur.

Kallangur before the Domes of Space City was known for its Tree lined Anzac Avenue, Pine Rivers RSL, the Fiveways, Theo’s Nursery, Tony’s Fruit Bowl and Tino’s TV Repair. Space City put it on the map, and now into history.

But it was a different, one could argue, a better era. The giant domes of Space City represented many things that were good with the late 70’s / 80’s – moustaches, America’s Cup wins, the drinkingiest Prime Minister of all time, and Spaced Themed buildings. Situated on iconic Anzac Avenue, it was a proud achievement for the people of Kallangur, and following the links below, is still well remembered.

It was a hit for the locals whilst it was open and after it closed it became to place to have a hit. The domes went from looking after shoppers at Terry White Chemist to being the home of those who would likely need their services soon after. From Franklins No Frills to just plain No Frills as the revolutionary Domes that once stood so proudly were left to deteriorate. To the stage they were almost inhabitable as the Motel rooms available at the old Kallangur Hotel.

But let’s not drag down the memories of its golden era and congratulate it posthumously on becoming a member of the Crap Fantales hall of fame.

So we salute the greatest Shopping Centre to ever be built in Australia at least, if not the world.

A worthy inclusion into our Crap Fantales Hall of Fame. If you want to see who or what else has been inducted, why not follow the link here to our Crap Fantales page.

If seeing is believing, then see your way to the links below. Even a video of the construction. Outstanding and please accept.

Some photos can be found at this link courtesy of the Facebook page MyTownMag.

The below video is originally from the excellent Facebook Page from Kallangster


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