Crap Fantale – Gibbo & Crikey the Clown from Agro’s Cartoon Connection

Crap Fantales are The Gurgler’s version of the short bios on the famous sweets. Basically they have to be as big as possible for as short a time as possible, such as the big man with the big beard in the overalls and the clown from Agro’s Cartoon Connection.

Anyone of a certain age will remember Agro and the female offsider who would have a case for harassment in today’s world bringing the young viewer a range of cartoon of varying quality. With the main focus on Agro, whose jokes went over the head of most of the targeted audience, the others could well have been forgotten the ensemble cast. They did so at their loss.

In Gibbo, aka Michael K Gibson, you had a man who has been and will only be capable of pulling off the look of a fully grown man in overalls. His additions to the program and interaction with fellow crap fantale nominee were one of the reasons for the show’s longevity and success. He has worked on just a few projects since, but his big big beard lives on in the memory.

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Crikey the Clown aka Ian Calder was the clown of the show, and is a long time offsider of Agro creator Jamie Dunn. Crikey provided light relief with Gibbo including Agro’s wheel. His outfit was the overall equivalent of clown outfits and his work was of the highest quality. He can be heard with Jamie Dunn on radio these days.

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Here’s some Youtube Highlights and Clips of their best work.

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