Gurgler Six Pack – Sport’s Angriest People

Having witnessed a Queensland Cup game a few weeks back and saw one of the players put in one of the angriest performances seen on sporting field, the mind wandered a little to think of who in sport has been the angriest of angry ants.

A few people spring to mind early, and they have filled some of our Top 6. But some may not have had any big angry moments, they just seem angry in general, and are on our list.

We’re not saying angry is bad, sometimes you need a little of it and more to be ultra compeditive in sport.


Has anyone in any sport set such an example of angry as John McEnroe? Sure some of it was a tactic to put players off, but no one has had more blow ups, or tantrums, or angry outbursts than the Superbrat.

He set a level of angry and only the new breed of young Tennis Jerk are in a position to match him, but usually off the court.


Anyone who has bitten a piece of an opponent’s ear off, or claimed to wanting to eat someone’s children has to be seen as a very angry individual. Some time behind bars will also confirm his place amongst the angriest sports people.

Even though he represents a sport where the goal is to punch the other person enough to knock them out, Mike Tyson’s dedication to angry gives him a spot in our Six Pack of angry sports stars.


Although there were no big angry incidents, it seemed as if Dallas Johnson just hated everything. It seemed he hated you, he hated opponents, and rugby league itself.

It may be true he’s a tremendous gentleman, and equally true he was a great player and dependable for all the teams he played with. But was there a rugby league players who appeared to hate rugby league as much as him.


Surely the angriest footballer of all time, and now amongst the angriest of all sports.

Anyone in his path back in the day knew his wrath, ask Alf-Inge Haaland. But like all great angry sports stars, he didn’t leave his anger just on the sporting field, he stormed out of/was sacked from a pre-World Cup training session. His tirade against the coach Mick McCarthy was of a high standard for angry, best bits can be found here


Barry Hall went into boxing after his AFL career came to an end, and some of these skills he put to use against some unfortunate defenders. Ask Brent Staker. No one every seems quite as angry to be playing AFL as Barry Hall.


You could have named a myriad of tennis players in this list, there’s something about Tennis that brings the worst out of people, or highlights their worst traits.

We’ve plumped for Jeff Tarango, because we’re always on the lookout for a forgotten name in sport who needs a little resurfacing in the public’s eye. His default in Wimbledon 1995 alone gives him a deserving place in our Six Paxk.


We’ve probably missed many a sports person, given limited knowledge of MMA and UFC, those people have a necessary amongst of angry to enter.

So, why not leave your angry sports person below so we can improve our list.