The Wash Up – Second Ashes Test

Much like the much the oft discussed loss a team has to have before a final series, maybe the same applies to the Australian Cricket Team. Without the loss in the first Test and in the manner it was handed to them, the selectors may have once again overlooked the mediocre returns of Shane Watson. Not that he was the fault of the first Test, but after 1-0 down we had nothing to lose.

Shane Watson is an easy target, and he was the target of many after the first Test, but it was time to push him out the door. It’s hard to think of a favourite Shane Watson moment. Like trying to name a Keith Urban song – a great Shane Watson performance is hard to remember. Sure they are both well known and have reasonably famous partners, but naming a specific achievement?

His replacement Mitchell Marsh showed promise, enough for a little taste of what’s to come, but not enough for everyone to go bananas and destroy him too early. The best part was the wickets at vital times, something we’ve missed for a while.

Two great things have come out of the Aussies huge win in the second Test. Firstly, if the English curators continue to serve up pitches to dampen the Aussie bowlers that become unplayable for the English, then we’re happy to receive more of the same results as at Lords. And if Jimmy Anderson keeps running on the pitch, all the better for Nathan Lyon. Secondly the English media have done what they do best and have turned on their team, arguing over who should be dropped and retained.

With three tests left, now the English are unsettled and with just three Tests to go. But as the first two tests have proven anything can happen, and probably will.

Hard to finish and not mention Steve Smith, but some unsung performers of the Aussie side deserve praise as well. Nathan Lyon and Chris Rogers are unfashionable, but it is hard to argue against their reliability.

A week off until the next one is welcome. Everyone needs the rest.

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