Tennis Jerk Bingo – Tomic v Kyrgios

Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios – Tennis Jerk both – seemed to have taken on our results of the Australian Open for Tennis Jerks and are striving for better. After Wimbledon it looked like both had reached their peak of jerkdom, but events since have shown there room for improvement and more.

Kyrgios’ performance in Darwin and Tomic’s behaviour in Miami shows there plenty more to come as a Tennis Jerk, but with both vying for top jerk at such a pace, how do we judge the biggest jerk of all?

Simples. Please accept the Gurgler’s Australian Tennis Jerk Bingo.

How does it work? Well print out our Jerk Bingo card – one for both players, and as they perform one of the jerk behaviours you cross them off. The first one to have all boxes crossed off is the ultimate jerk. Although we can have yearly updates on who was more boxes ticked.

You’re quite welcome to cross off any box that has already happened too. This should give Tomic a head start, but with the recent improvement of Kyrgios, it will no doubt be a closely fought battle.

Enjoy the Tennis Jerk Bingo.

Tennis Jerk Bingo

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