Breaking Sports News – Bernard Tomic Arrested in USA

Australians and Tennis fans will be waking up this morning to the surprising news of Bernard Tomic’s arrest in Miami, Florida where he is preparing for the Hall of Fame Tournament. What will be even more surprising to all his many fan is that it was for an incident that for most wouldn’t happen.

Most normal people don’t play loud music to the annoyance of others, and when called on it, would usually turn it down by the third request. Not our BT, who strives for excellence in the field of Jerk.

A better news organisation has the full story here..

He has to be commended though, like the champion football players who stay for hours doing goal kicking or free kick practice well into the dark, the dedication to being a top class Tennis Jerk is undeniable. And like a Champion, just when you think they’ve reached their pinnacle, there’s always more. More. No wonder he won our Australian Open for Tennis Jerks. Now he’s gunning for Champion ofthe Universe.

Two questions. Who is to blame? Well investigators are looking for the current whereabouts of Pat Rafter, who no doubt played some part in the incident. And of course Tennis Australia were the ones to complain about the music from 10,000 kms away. Why won’t they respect his Ipod?

Second question, what is Nick Kyrgios going to do to top this? It could be a season long battle for the ultimate in Tennis jerk-dom. Sit back and enjoy.

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