The Gurgler’s Wash Up – First Ashes Test

It was at about 11pm last night when the wickets fell quickly just after lunch when the realisation kicked in, if we were to win the first test the responsibility would rest with Shane Watson with the bat. Seeing no point in wasting any more sleep, the decision was made to concede defeat to England and save the sleep for the next Test at Lords. It’s not all Watson’s fault, he’s an easy target, but when so little is contributed for so long it is warranted to a degree.

But he’s not alone, and here’s some of our thoughts.


Whilst it’s not all about Watson, it should start with him, and end with him as of the end of this test. It’s not that his numbers were all that bad, but that is what they always are, mediocre and just enough to stay in the team. Like a Sunderland or Aston Villa in the EPL.

If we are to win from 1-0 down we need to take some chances, with team selection that is, need to take a few less at the batting crease. Mitchell Marsh may be less consistent than Watson, but at this stage it is exactly what Australia need. A pair of 20-50’s and tight wicketless bowling is consistency we can do without from now to win this series.


How many times does Australia throw wickets away in England. Whilst the English bowling was difficult to master at times, once we did manage to survive the tough period we threw wickets away to part time spinners.

Yes the 400+ Australia was chasing would have been an extraordinary performance, but we had 180 overs and 2 days in which to complete this. Only a pittance of less than 2.5 runs an over. Seems when we need to grind out a batting performance we have no idea.


Haddin has been dragged down with Watson for next to be dropped, and he wasn’t at his best all test, but he has plenty of credit left over from our last Ashes series in Australia. It is forgotten amongst the Mitchell Johnson led 5-0 bravado that Haddin came to our rescue with the bat numerous times. As for the dropped catch of Joe Root on zero before he posted a big hundred, it happens, and since Australia has never been concerned with selecting the wicket keeper with the best wicket keeping ability, it should be expected from time to time.


The bowling from the old hands of Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad was sublime and our batsmen will be in for some more fun throughout the series if they get pitches that help them even more. How they didn’t dismiss David Warner is a mystery, and an even bigger shame he didn’t kick on.


There’s always one English batsman who torments the Australians on home soil, and it looks like it is Joe Root this time around. The second innings wickets were added salt.


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