Your Ashes Cricket Up Late Non Drinking Game

Once again there’s a massive sporting event coming up, and as is tradition at the Gurgler we introduce a way to enhance or improve your sporting experience.

Please accept our Ashes Cricket Non Drinking Game.

Those with a keen eye will notice it looks very similar to our non drinking games, and you’d be right. But where you’re onto a good thing why change.

To make sure your ashes night is complete, you’ll require a few things. Lounge or Beanbag, Andy Capp backwards facing naps, a very minimal and swiftly forgotten interest into the English county cricket system and most importantly of all – Test Cricket.

Well in the tradition of our previous success with the AFL/NRL Grand Final non drinking games and the ever popular Spumante Racing non drinking game, we’ll combine all your needs and more into one unbelievably fun night on the couch.

So, please accept our Ashes Cricket Challenge, brought to you by Stone’s Green Ginger Wine, Cleanskin Gold cartons, Gladstone Small, Philip de Freitas and Peter Taylor.

Given the problems associated with alcohol in the news these days, the days of the drinking game being a suitable pastime are long gone, and we certainly don’t like to recommend anything that will end is tsk-tsking on any morning news soap opera. We care about your well being and the problem of alcohol abuse in general. Drinking games are for a distant time of mid 20’s, and era of news with less social commentary and anything “going viral” and four or five governments ago when no one cared what people did.


Step 1 – Decide a punishment penalty – be it a 20 cent fine to a combined pool for all players and the person with the fewest penalties at the end scoops the pool, a 10 cent donation to your favourite charity, a giant horsebite slap on the leg with every penalty or how about having a bite of the world’s hottest corn chip with extra Frank’s Hot Sauce. Use your imagination.

If you decide to drink against our better wishes then a very cheap, generic beer. The Gurgler recommends MF Lager, or even better – Cleanskins. Why not add a little mystery to the shindig. The worse the beer, the bigger the punishment, and it’s all about punishing. You are mostly going to need at least half a carton per man. Mostly.

Step 2 – Find the following –

1 x Lounge Seat/Beanbag/Stool/Floor/Slothress
A Slothress is a mattress pulled of a bed and put in an L-Shape against a wall and used as alternative seating.
1 x TV
Gurgler recommends with volume down and ABC up if time delay allows.



1 – Put all the fielders names in a Hat.
2 – Draw out One name
3 – If your person fields the ball – penalty
4 – If a Four is scored – penalty
5 – If a Six is scored – penalty
6 – If a Wicket is taken – penalty

All punishments must be paid before next ball, otherwise punishment must be doubled.

You’ll need to redraw the names every five overs to ensure punishment is shared evenly.

Lunch and Tea breaks are mandatory Andy Capp backwards facing nap breaks. Only quickly arranged backyard cricket games are permitted instead.

Once you’ve enjoyed that, why not try one of our other fantastic games. Check out our Fun and Games page for other sporting themed drinking games.


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