Gurgler’s Top 10 Sporting Commentaries of all time


Having recently read an article from a UK website on the 10 greatest pieces of commentary, we thought to ourselves here at the Gurgler that it was right up our alley, lane and crescent.

Not that you asked for it, and too bad if you didn’t, here is our Top 10 pieces of commentary.

Things to note from our list, is that is may not be the best piece of commentary or the funniest, but they are great sporting moments where the addition of the commentary added to the moment, and have stuck in our minds even now so many years later.

Some are quite obscure pieces of commentary, but somehow they have stuck, and have been treasured by someone who if they admit it are a frustrated sports commentator themselves.

Warren Smith – South Sydney v Sydney Roosters, 2012

Placed at number 1 because he is the number sports caller in Australia of any sport, and this was one of his finest.
Alan Thomas – QLD v NSW 1988

Some still laugh at the fact that a race caller called the biggest game in League, but this was one of the legendary moments of State of Origin, and the phrase “He had the ball said Wally” had remained with me since.


Murray Walker / James Hunt – Monaco GP 1982

One of the most exciting endings of all time, but justice is done here by the BBC duo, showing why they are the best combo of all time in any sport. Love after the massive drama and confusion that Murray claims Patrese winning without doubt with assurance. Or James Hunt waiting around for a winner.


Murray Walker / James Hunt – Monaco 1989

A great example of the differences between Hunt and Walker. Murray ever the optimist and diplomat, James Hunt with his venomous honesty, Murray with his professionalism to continue without blip.


Ray Warren & co. – QLD v NSW 1994

A great moment in Origin (for one side maybe) with a great call, and a great line. Back when Rabs’ and Channel 9’s loathing of anything Queensland was less obvious.


Craig Foster – Australia v Uruguay 2005

So many failed World Cup campaigns, many of which Craig Foster was part of, and in this legendary  moment of Australian sport, Craig Foster summed up the public’s joy and relief in equal measure with a simple big yeah.


Richie Benaud – Various

A compliation as it was hard to pick one, as he was never one for an over the top moment, just his dry humour and subtlety which is so sorely missed every summer with the current crop of awful, awful, self infatuated rubbish.


Kerry O’Keeffe & Harsha Bogle – Aust v India 2012

A long one, and audio only with pictures, but this is one I remember fondly as the ABC Grandstand turned a boring run an over test session into a stand up comedy act. Very few were interested in the cricket at this stage. But it also showcases some of the best ABC Grandstand has to offer, like KOK, an international guest, and a bit of humour that’s not all about them.


Murray Walker – Japanese GP 1989

One of the most famous F1 bits of all time was set to Murray’s call, and used in the Senna doco no less. Not sure that he would have used “this is fantastic” if scripting, but what a piece of pure Murray gold.


Murray Walker – Adelaide 1986

Once again Murray sums up what most would have been feeling. Complete shock that a seemingly comfortable championship was ripped away in the most dramatic of fashions.

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