Gurgler’s Sporting Review Weekly – Circling the Drain

Welcome to the near NEW weekly sporting round up we call Circling the Drain. Each week we hand pick the sporting tidbits that tickle our fancy and provide our commentary along with some factual information. That and our best bets featuring the ever popular Super Multi and the new Ticket to Ride.

Another World Cup and another upset of a major player at the World Cup by Ireland. The first one cost Pakistan Bob Woolmer his life, the second cost England some dignity, yet the third upset against West Indies didn’t seem to be that much of a surprise as you would think.

The predicably unpredictable Windies were one of a few big teams that looked ripe for the upset plucking before the tournament, and they didn’t disappoint the neutral with a lacklustre performance. Not that it was all that bad, a 300+ target batting first has got every other team home until that point, but letting Ireland’s batting back in the frame after a wobble and onto victory smacked of give a f**k attitude.

Maybe the Windies were into another rub o the green.

Another tick in the box for the ICC who will reduce the number of teams next time to 10 because all the other teams are rubbish. Perhaps Ireland should be given a Test Series against the former greats to see who is amongst that 10.

The third tier team with an eye for EPL menace were at it again on Sunday when they took down Sunderland in the fifth round. Similar to the above cricket result, it wasn’t really that big an upset considering that Sunderland weren’t really going that well (they lost at home to previously busted arse away from home QPR) and had announced their excuses in advance – including the playing surface and the media.

Not satisfied with beating Chelsea 4-2 after being down 2-0, they are now only one game away from another appearance at Wembley, which will be a chance to avenge their hammering at the hands Swansea in the League Cup final. A tournament I which they knocked off more EPL heavyweights in Arsenal, and another EPL team in Aston Villa.

The main issue if Bradford make the semi final at Wembley is that the BBC will have run out of excuses why they can’t show Bradford games live.

Talking of third division UK Football, we come to the A League which is almost as good.

The A League tries hard, but does struggle to attract the mainstream attention, despite some excellent loyal support. There’s always the talk of the sleeping giant etc. but the Sydney – Melbourne Victory game showed that it could be the case with an exciting 3-3 tie (you bet), and the complete opposite that it won’t with the worst dive for a penalty in football history.

Check out the footage we’ve attached, but somehow the Sydney player who won’t be mentioned managed to get the Melbourne defender to trip with his back turned and gain the penalty. Not content with his dive, his reaction after being awarded the gift was even more ordinary and showed why most of Australia don’t like Sydney. Never fear, he’s been cleared of diving by the Football equivalent of the tribunal.

Not to be outdone, the Central Coast scored what has to be the best own goal of the season.

Signature A League.

First of all, we agree that the use of live baiting is very ordinary and should be stopped and those found guilty punished. But once again, like at Melbourne Cup time after the dual tragedies, the high horses (pardon the pun) are rolled out and every grabs a saddle.

Let’s not forget during the height of the horse flu a good chunk of years ago that Greyhound racing picked up the slack and allowed the everyday punter to continue on their merry way.

Now we have politicians and naysayers demanding Greyhound Racing be stopped full stopped, pointing out every ill with maximum hype and with enough catchy soundbite to make the 6pm news. Most have probably never been to Dapto, Cannington or The Meadows, and don’t know about the Greyhound adoption programs or many of the other things that are good in Greyhound Racing.

Many a good time has been had supporting the dishlickers, especially Thursday nights when economy drinking was a must before a night on the town. The Gurgler hope it stays that way for years to come. We can only hope Tony Abbott comes out against it, so that will turn a fair chunk of Australia in favour of the dogs.





Onto the Gurgler Sports Weekly Super Multi – Maximum legs for maximum payout payout for minimal chance of success.

NZ to beat England
WEST INDIES to beat Pakistan
AUSTRALIA to beat Bangladesh
SOUTH AFRICA to beat India
WIGAN to beat the Broncos
WARRINGTON to beat St George
ST HELENS to beat Souths
WELLINGTON to beat Newcastle
SYDNEY to beat Central Coast


The ticket to ride is our attempt to turn $1 into the biggest amount possible for 5 straight weeks. A week on week all up.

So far we’ve got 1 in a row but that leaves plenty of room for improvement. We’ve got the time.

This week our ticket to ride $1 bet is WIGAN to beat the Broncos at $1.60. If we win, it’s a $1.60 bet next week, if not, back to drawing board and $1.