UK Football Weekly – The Gurgler’s Own Goal

The UK Football Weekly for the weekend is here after a midweek round of fixtures. This week the EPL takes another break for the FA Cup – fifth round this time – but there’s still a full round of fixtures from the Football League.




– Aston Villa finally parted ways with Paul Lambert during the week in one of the most overdue sackings in recent football history. Not only do Aston Villa not win at home or anywhere, they don’t score many goals, less than 1 every two this season to be the worst in the top four divisions.

After a fans revolt, the club were left with no option but dispose of the manager. Not that the replacement will probably do too much more after the initial new manager, but given the amount of weak teams at the foot of the table, it may only require a small good run to remain in the top flight and await riches.

– Talking of riches the new 3 year TV rights were handed out during the week in the UK, meaning the 10 million pound per game from the total spend of 5.13 billion will ensure underachieving EPL teams will take over 100M pounds on their way out from 2016 or stay and receive more riches.

– QPR won away from home for the first time this year with a caretaker manager whose reward is to hold onto the job long enough for someone more important to get it.

Anyway, here are some of the results from last week.


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Here’s the line up of games.

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L2 Fixtures

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