Queensland Election 2015 Six Pack – Ch7 Election Night Special Guest Game Changer

With the Queensland Election for 2015 coming to it’s exciting conclusion, the other battleground in this election battles heats up – The TV Channels clamouring for your viewership with promises of firsts, authority, 3000 years experience  and something or other as it happens.

We’ve already discussed this as part of our Official Queensland Election Guide here but in summary we recommend only the ABC coverage – ad free and full of Antony Green goodness.

However we couldn’t help but be drawn in on the promise of the Channel 7 election coverage which claims their line up includes not only high quality journalists and respected former politicians, but a game changing mystery guest.

We can only imagine who a game-changing mystery guest of an election coverage would be, so we’ll use our Queensland election six pack to share who we think it might/should be.

If we’re talking surprise game-changing special guests, then how could you not open with a hologram of former Qld Premier Sir Joh. Few others would be able to comment with such authority and have the personality to match.

If we’re going to reanimate former passed away leaders as holograms, why not do it with the most controversial (read: Game Changing) political identity in history. Sure his lack of English, or experience with the Queensland Political  would be some kind of hinderance, but no one would command such an audience as the former Austrian-born dictator.

Since we can suggest game changers who may not know that much about Qld politics but he has been to Queensland in the past few years, and could be a voice of authority on Gold Coast seats. How about a man who may be able to rap about it instead? Surely most would see this as a breath of fresh air to the usual stale commercial format. Who couldn’t imagine Rob Borbidge doing the beat boxing with Lexy Hamilton-Smith.

Slightly less musical and ridiculous to suggest is the other big man from Austria. Sure there’s the same limited knowledge of Qld politics, but at least the is general politics knowledge gleaned from years as Californian gov. Who wouldn’t listen to the booming voice as results from Mundingburra and Algester are called out.

Instead of cutting edge graphics and holograms, how about keeping it simple with Mr Squiggle and Blackboard providing a slice of yesteryear and using their tried and true method of presenting the results in each seat. Possibly the other thing that could rival Antony Green.

Instead of using his newspaper in Brisbane (the only for poor suffering Qlder) to give bias to each election, why not let him sit there in person to deliver bias by the barrel full. At least it would give people a chance to view their opinions in response.