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Welcome to the Gurgler’s UK Football Weekly. We discuss things UK Football, and it doesn’t begin in Manchester and finish in London. We care about all four leagues and below if we have time. All your favourite stars are here too with the exception of Ariaga II. Enjoy the finest.

FOOTBALL - NEWS RESULTS HEADER a The EPL takes another break this weekend for the fourth round of the FA Cup, the second best week of the best sporting comp in the world.

There’s a handful of potential upsets on offer for the punter with a keen eye for lower division teams, and one big mismatch with Manchester United visiting the only fourth division side in the cup Cambridge United.

Although the exit of the lowest ranked team in the Cup looks likely, there’s still some third division minnows left – 6 in fact, and as two of them face each other there’s a guarantee of one third tier team in the last 16.

For the record – here’s the six: Bradford City, Bristol City, Chesterfield, Rochdale, Preston, and serial cup pests Sheffield United.

There’s still plenty of EPL Teams left with only QPR suffering at the hands of lower division opposition last round, and a few losers from all EPL team matches.

It’s not all FA Cup though, there’s still fixtures to be played in the lower three tiers.

Have some results from last weekend before you forget what heppened.


The latest football data here. Now gathering information from the data feed.


Latest soccer data here. We're just retrieving data from the information source now.


The very latest football information here. Now fetching stats & info from the data feed.


Latest soccer info here. Currently getting data from the information feed.


Here’s your FA Cup lineup for the weekend.

FRI UK Cambridge U vs Manchester United ESPN – SAT 5:45AM
SAT UK Blackburn vs Swansea
SAT UK Preston vs Sheffield United
SAT UK Birmingham vs West Bromwich Albion
SAT UK Cardiff vs Reading
SAT UK Manchester City vs Middlesbrough ESPN – SUN 1:55AM
SAT UK Derby vs Chesterfield
SAT UK Chelsea vs Bradford
SAT UK Southampton vs Crystal Palace
SAT UK Tottenham vs Leicester
SAT UK Sunderland vs Fulham
SAT UK Liverpool vs Bolton ESPN – SUN 4:25AM
SUN UK Bristol City vs West Ham ESPN2 – MON 0:55AM
SUN UK Aston Villa vs Bournemouth
SUN UK Brighton vs Arsenal ESPN2 – MON 2:55AM
MON UK Rochdale vs Stoke

Here’s the rest of the upcoming fixtures.

Championship Fixtures

Latest football information here. Now getting data from information source.

L1 Fixtures

Up-to-date football info here. Currently downloading information from information feed.

L2 Fixtures

The very latest football information here. Now fetching stats & info from the data feed.


FOOTBALL - BETS So it’s all come to this, our best selections and tips for you to turn into many dollar, pound, euro or rupee. Please accept our best bets.

FA CUP MULTI 1 – $169
BLACKBURN to win v Swansea
DRAW – Spurs v Leicester
DRAW – Sunderland v Fulham

FA CUP MULTI 2 – $67
CAMBRIDGE UTD to score first goal v Man Utd
CRYSTAL PALACE to score fifth goal v Southampton

FA  CUP MULTI 3 – $30
BOURNEMOUTH to win v Aston Villa
BRISTOL or DRAW v West Ham
BRIGHTON to win v Arsenal

CARDIFF to win v Reading
DERBY to win v Chesterfield
MAN CITY to win v Middsboro
CHELSEA to win v Bradford
LIVERPOOL to win v Bolton

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