Queensland Election Six Pack – Six Alternative LNP Premiers

With just over a week of the Queensland Election campaign to go until the big decision needs to be made, it is looking increasingly likely that the state will remain under the control of the LNP with polls pointing to a LNP victory.

Since that result is heading towards a conclusion, we need to find something else to interest us. First of all you can always play our never fail Queensland Election Night Drinking Game.

Otherwise the interest is in how many seats the LNP will lose back to ALP after the slaughter of the previous election. You can make your own choices as part of our Lyne Ball – Queensland Election Tipping Game. Or read some of our previous analysis.

Cross promoting of our previous offences aside, the final piece of interest for the public, aside from the minor party nutbags, is the seat of Ashgrove.

Ashgrove is important as it has the current Premier up against the former ALP member Kate Jones. Why it is important is that if the LNP win Queensland but Campbell Newman loses the seat of Ashgrove, the LNP will require a new leader/premier. The polls are very close and this could be an actual scenario come late Saturday night, giving that Sunday breakfast think a little more horror.

Unfortunately if it the above scenario does happen, the choice of the person who will lead the state will be taken out of the hands of the public, so essentially one is not getting what you voted for.

So, to give ourselves a say, we’ll put forward our Top 6 potential new Premiers in this special Queensland Election edition of the Six Pack.



After leading a few dud LNP gatherings into previous election, surely he deserves the chance to run the state as a reward for the previous poll embarrassments. And the name of Springborg inspires the public and will surely provide headline writers in most Queensland Paper (except the Northern Times) pure gold when coming up with their daily dose of Premier News.



The safe choice, always good to have a money man in charge. With appearing slightly less arrogant than Campbell Newman, he has one thing going for him, he’s not Jeff Seeney.

May be a better bet for leader than the time he couldn’t get a majority of the 8 remaining Liberal members.


Everyone likes a winner, and one of the biggest winners in Australian Sport is Jamie Whincup. Whilst very few will know Crisafulli or could be bothered with the correct pronunciation, many people will know JW. Our suggestion is market the DC as the new Jamie Whincup of politics, and watch the state thrive. Sure you may lose the Ford voters, but they’re likely to vote Palmer United anyway.












As most Australians think of Queenslanders are bogans, bumpkins or just a little slow, what better way of showing them what for by having a state premier with a hyphenated first name, adding a little class to the political arena.



Going down the other route, why not resign ourselves to the above slurs on Queenslanders and appoint this lady as the premier. Check out some of her gear below, which would firmly entrench Queensland as a state to ridicule.

– lambasted rail passengers as “icky”
– called on welfare payments to be stopped for single parents and couples with children
– said Julia Gillard and former leader Kevin Rudd should stop breathing.
– did not believe in climate change,
– wanted WorkChoices brought back
– described some voters as bogans. Pot kettle.
– lost her licence twice for failing to pay fines



As politics is essentially two sides trying to get the advantage over the other, the perfect premier would be one who has done that job in the past, like a former referee. Unfortunately Mogsheen Jadwat is unavailable, so we’ll have to take Tim Mander I guess.

Any of the above will do. As long as it’s not a Seeney or Simpson.