Queensland Election Six Pack – Candidate We’d Like to See

We continue our coverage of the Queensland Election with yet another election-themed Six Pack.

With coverage that lacks the professionalism, resources and blatant bias of the News Corp, we hope to continue to be your last choice to follow the Queensland election.

Today we’re concentrating on Candidates we’d like to see running at this election. It is true that most of the candidates are rather dull, all with similar back stories, all spouting the same tired political clichés. We aim to provide a group that has a little more cut-through.



With an infectious vest for life and hair of perfection, Stefan would surely add the perfect style and attitude to the Queensland Parliament. An inner-city Brisbane seat would be the perfect vehicle.

Boris the Black Knight and/or Gibbo

Representing the Cartoon Connection Party are the two lovable rogues Boris and Gibbo. Sure, their attire may be different, but who else in politics could fill out a pair of overalls better than Gibbo.

Sarina Russo.

Why not me? Why not now?

Ziggy the Bagman aka “homeless guy in Toowong”.

Who would know inner western Brisbane suburbs or Toowong, Auchenflower and Milton better than Ziggy. A voice of the forgotten and the little man/woman few would represent their electorate with more authority. Savings would also be made on Government drivers.

Sir Joh’s malevolent spirit inhabiting the body of Tim Mander.

Ex premier meets ex NRL referee.

Shane and Scott Tronc

Running under the Tronc Family ticket, these hard working ex League players will do the hard yards for their electorates in North Brisbane.

Other Quick Notables – not as good or better than the ones above.

Warwick Capper
John Gill the Timber Man
Rob Brough
Leapin’ Leroy Loggins

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