Queensland Election Six Pack – LNP Asset Sales – Other Things That The Government Can Lease/Sell

As part of our continued quality coverage on the Queensland election, we combine our regular Six Pack bite sized pieces with the big political stoush.

Every now and again you’ll find 6 of our finest suggestions to add our opinion on some of the big issues.

As it is becoming increasing likely that the LNP will retain government, and that the only way that they can pay for anything is leasing or selling assets, we’re going to help out by providing a few more things they can get rid of in a fire sale.

Whilst the selling price wouldn’t be as high after a fairly ordinary BBL in 2015, the overall value of the competition makes this a very attractive purchase to the right buyer.

If you can sell power and ports, then why not sell roads. What better road to sell than the infamous Jinker Track on Brisbane’s northside. With a name that will attract more buyers than a band of weekend worriers outside a garage sale at 6am, it will be an easy sell.

For a hell of a day ouuuuuuuut, and a hell of an asset, Kingston Park Raceway has potential for the prospective buyer not only for its location in the heart of the Logan Shire, but the potential for hosting Corporate Events and the Australian GP once Melbourne have had enough. Think of the international tourism.

A giant Pineapple in amongst pineapple farm, just down the road from Nambour…won’t need much selling.

With decent land getting sparse, why not start selling premium waterfront properties in entire islands. Peel Island only.

If money is running low, we may be required to sell entire towns, infrastructure and all.

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