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Welcome to our weekly dive into the reaches of the many European Football Leagues on offer, all with claims to be as good if not better than the EPL.

Each week we’ll go through the Spanish, Italian, and French Leagues in detail, with some updates and tidbits on other leagues time and interest permitted.

For your German news and views, help yourself to our separate Bundesliga column and look out for it each week.

So enjoy our thoughts, stats and best bets which are the best that money can’t buy.


– Biggest talking point in European football for the week was FIFA’s players of the year awards. Ronaldo was the deserving winner, as he was the best player on the planet, except during the World Cup, in the last 12 months and will more than likely remain that during the next 12 months.

– Fernando Torres’ return to Atletico Madrid finally showed why he was the best striker on the planet at one stage during the week with no open goal misses and general buffoonery but goals which sealed a victory against Real Madrid.

– David Moyes has been banned from the sidelines for two games after being sent to the stands in his last game. The Spanish media have dubbed Moyes as a livewire, something which couldn’t be applied in his UK days.

– French players and managers are running out of time to impress during the transfer winner so they can secure passages to Arsenal and Newcastle and under achieve.

– The most interesting thing in Serie A was the selfie taken by Francesco Totti as part of the post goal celebration. Thankfully the silky smooth skills are better than the photo taking ability.


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