Queensland Election Analysis – For Whom The Bell Polls

Any astute pundit worth his salt will tell you: All eyes are on Indooroopilly this election as Queensland’s bellwether seat.

For the Coalition and Labor Party the equation is simple. Win Indooroopilly, seize orifice, swoop to power. The swinger’s seat of Indooroopilly has always been a litmus test for aspiring political candidature. In 1986, The Honourable Denver Beanland took the seat that was then known as Toowong. Denver was affectionately known as ‘Beanbag’ by his constituents; a sitting member with a comfortable margin.

Since then, Labor won narrowly in three elections between 2001 and 2006 under the supreme stewardship of Irish immigrant Ronan Lee.

It was only apt then that Lee donned a ‘green turncoat’ in 2008, sealing his own demise at the 2009 election to Coalition journalist-cum-powerbroker Scott Emerson. In his maiden’s speech, she identified community, the environment and impotency as her husband’s key issues.

Fulfilling none of those commitments, Emerson faces an unlikely battle of survival with lightweight Labor candidate Christopher Horacek. This would be a horror reality check for the incumbent Newman Government; a prospect no person could have seriously entertained amidst the discarded Labor flotsam of 2012.

Although Horacek might be seriously undercooked on policy platform, he offers something Emerson can not provide a hide that hasn’t been seared with public mistrust and absurd abuse of power to the brink of carcinogenesis.

Many Queenslanders have found Newman’s first course in steak politics unpalatable and will not intend to feast on seconds. Instead, they can protest vote with unelectable Horacek and the sheer ineptitude he represents, content to lick the blood off the plate until they wash their hands of him in 2018.

For the well seasoned reader, several other seats loom as key battlegrounds on election night.

The LNP sent Labor heartland into cardiac arrest last election and the following seats are our quadruple bypass picks for a Labor victory:

BurleighMonaro LNP 11.0%

ClevelandMonaro LNP 18.1%

EdenOmmaney LNP 16.5%

HinchinbrookMonaro LNP 18.9%

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