Lyne Ball – The Official Queensland Election Tipping Game

Yes we have an election to put up with, but as we explained in our Qld Election Drinking Game, you don’t always have to see the negative.

We provide for your consideration on election night, a tipping game that you can use to amuse yourself, impress others with your knowledge of Algester, Mundingburra and Thuringowa, or create a competition for you and all your like minded election loving freaks.

Fill out your form below, we’ll explain below it.


lyne ball game sheet new

















Make your selections in the two yellow columns choosing your tips as the winning party of whatever seat you think will win.

Ensure you pick them in the order that you are most confident in. The higher up the order, the higher the multiplier and the more points you will score.

The column in the blue is all about how to score. The Gurgler’s preference is using odds of a reputable online betting company. The odds for the win is then multiplied by the third column for your score. If odds aren’t available you can use the swing of the winning party. Or simply nominate a score yourself.

For our example we’ll use the Treasurer choice.
ODDS: 5.75 x $1.80 = 10.35 points.
SWING: 5.75 x 5.4% swing to win = 31.05 points.
POINTS: 5.75 x 1 point = 5.75 points.

Add up all your correct parliamentary selections and the biggest total is crowned king of the LyneBall.

So create your own comp and even send your copy to The Gurgler at where we’ll announce the best scores we receive.


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