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Welcome to the our Euro Football Weekly – Eurotrash. Here we delve into the reaches of the many European Football Leagues on offer, all with claims to be as good if not better than the EPL.

Each week we’ll go through the Spanish, Italian, and French Leagues in detail, with some updates and tidbits on other leagues time and interest permitted.

For your German news and views, help yourself to our separate Bundesliga column and look out for it each week.

So enjoy our thoughts, stats and best bets which are the best that money can’t buy.


– The European Leagues are back in full swing after a Christmas-New Year siesta. Whilst the English team were playing game after game, the European teams were taking it easy over the festive period. As as such so is our weekly blab on it.

– Biggest talking point in European football is the trouble at Barcelona. CLub elections have been moved forward to quell some of the tension, but that may not save the manager Luis Enrique who is losing some of the players faith. one of the reported players who is unhappy is Lionel Messi, who has been talked up about leaving Barcelona. Only problem is, who could afford him? Valued at 174 Million GBP (325 AUD) only the richest sugar daddy clubs can even consider it. That’s just his transfer fee. Wages included the package could come close to 1 Billion AUD. As much as we love football, that is a disgraceful amount of money for 1 sporting person, no matter how good.

– Other news in Spain last week were surprise away losses for Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Madrid side were beaten by Valencia who are fourth in La Liga. Barcelona meanwhile were beaten by David Moyes and David Moyes alone, if you believe the press after the result. The two big boy losees leave the top 5 within 6 points, with 1st and 5th having a game in hand.

– The transfer window is open, and there will likely be some purchases, usually reasonably well performed players from European leagues going to England before failing and disappearing back to their homeland. The big teams don’t usually do too much in this mid year window, but Real Madrid have signed a 16 year old just in case they didn’t have enough players. All the lack of action could change if one player makes a move important enough to set a whole chain reaction of panic buying. Like a Gareth Bale or Messi. Either way it gives the football tragic something to get excited about until February.

– In Italy there is the Rome derby which will be the usual tense affair and likely with few goals. Hopefully the fans play nice and don’t injure each other too much. This is one of the two games where the Top 4 all play each other this weekend although the title race still seems like a race in two between Roma and Juventus.

– New Cagliari manager Gianfranco Zola will be hoping to improve on his 5-0 first up loss. If his previous owner was still in charge instead of playing with Leeds United he’d probably get the arse after 1 game. Given his record previously and at Leeds this year.

– France will be a sombre place this week with football probably meaning less than usual. Transfer window applies more in France than most as Arsenal and Newcastle (almost exclusively) seem to visit the French shops regularly for players to varying degrees of success.



– Battle for the title of closest to Real Madrid
– Moyes, Moyes, Moyes.
– Rome derby and Top 4 clash
– Other Top 4 battle
– Worst Home Record v Worst Away

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