Gurgler’s Guide to…Sydney to Hobart Race

The Big Sydney to Hobart race will be on everyone's lips on Boxing Day, and we give you a quick guide into why you should almost care.

Sydney to Hobart

The Sydney to Hobart yacht race kicks off on Boxing Day, and as part of an Australian tradition, you’ll be forced to care for the mandatory 30 minutes of the year.

Like the deadshits who turn up to an RSL on Anzac Day with zero links to any national service just to be a drunken idiot, or like New Year’s Eve anywhere, there are certain events that people feel obliged to care about, even if they do not necessarily care. Or want to.

We know bugger all about a bunch of rich people putting their toys to use for a change, and presume that most of you reading this will be on the same level.

And who really cares about multi millionaires flashing their cash and celebrities grabbing their what about me moment on the trip from Sydney to Hobart.

But like the Melbourne Cup, you’ll get the once a year experts who’ll try and tell you everything about the Sydney to Hobart. We advise you to fact check them via the great wikipedia.

But in case you need to fit in at that special Boxing Day function, why not use a few of these at your BBQ or esky fuelled piss up.


Sydney to Hobart Terms you’ll need to know.

Study at your own leisure and care factor. Why not drop one in a random times during the day. In between a glass of Pinot Grigio or Pale Ale infused with Kaffir Lime leaves, a tone of Nutmeg and Pine Nuts.



Rob Mundle

Chris Conroy

Constitution Dock

Peter Newlinds

Cut of the jib.


Sydney to Hobart – A Pictorial Preview


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