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Welcome to the new Euro Football Weekly – Eurotrash.

Here we delve into the reaches of the many European Football Leagues on offer, all with claims to be as good if not better than the EPL.

Each week we’ll go through the Spanish, Italian, and French Leagues in detail, with some updates and tidbits on other leagues.

For your German news and views, help yourself to our separate Bundesliga column here and look out for it each week.

So enjoy our thoughts, stats and best bets which are the best that money can’t buy.


– Talk in Europe is of Champions League draws and to a lesser extent – Europa League draws. The best games in our opinion and hence the ones we’re looking forward to are below. Arsenal for a change weren’t punished for finishing second with a date with Bayern Munich. Man City were with Barcelona. Although it does provide the right stage to show their spend to success ratio in the Champions league isn’t as awful as everyone thinks it is.
CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. – PSG v Chelsea – Man City v Barcelona – Bor Dortmund v Juventus


– Celtic v Inter

– Liverpool v Besiktas

– Villareal v Salzburg

– PSV v Zenit


– Other banter revolves around whether Real Madrid can extend their unbeaten and winning run. Although participation in the Club world Cup will allow other to catch up slightly over the weekend.

– Cristiano Ronaldo won the BBC overseas sportsperson of the year, a far more popular win than the British winner Lewis Hamilton. Both winners are similar though and certainly don’t lack for ego.

– Balotelli fresh from injury and suspension looks set to be heading back to Europe after failing to make a positive impression at Liverpool. Not the worst transfer and less expensive at 16M than others at Liverpool.

– Former Balotelli combatant Mancini won his first game at Inter since taking over. Maybe a reunion in Milan?

– The top two in France both lost giving Lyon, St Etienne, and others a sniff of a title race after all.



Up-to-the-minute football info here. Just loading stats from info feed now.



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Portuguese Table

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Belgian League Table

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The Celtic Premier League

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Here’s the best of the upcoming action….

Atletico Madrid v Athletic Bilbao – two athletic clubs go head to head

Levante v Real Sociedad – A loss could drop Moyes into bottom three.

Roma v AC Milan

Inter v Lazio

Bordeaux v Lyon


Here’s the rest of the upcoming fixtures from Spain, Italy and France.


Most recent football info here. In the process of fetching stats from soccer data source.



Up-to-date soccer info here. Now fetching data from information feed.



Up-to-date football info here. Currently downloading information from information feed.




So it’s all come to this, our best selections and tips for you to turn into many dollar, pound, euro or rupee. Please accept our best bets.

Once again our multi includes already completed game, but couldn’t be arsed redoing it, plus they’re now live bets.

[table caption=”EURO SUPER MULTI – $1 pays $48″ width=”500″ colwidth=”300|200″ colalign=”left|left”]
Bet, Game

JUVENTUS to win,v Cagliari


NAPOLI to win,v Parma

Genoa to win,v Torino

BARCELONA to win,v Cordoba

Rayo Vallecano to win,v Espanyol

VILLAREAL to win,v Deportvo

PSG to win,v Montpellier

MARSEILLE to win,v Lille






[table caption=”La Liga Form,” width=”350″ colwidth=”125|125|100″ colalign=”left|left|left”]


Unbeaten,Real Madrid,12

Wins,Real Madrid,12

Without Win,Granada,11

Loss,Celta Vigo,4

Most Draws,Cordoba,8 (15)

Best Home Record,Atl Mad/Valencia,19pts (8)

Worst Home Record,Almeria,3pts (8)

Best Away Record,Real Madrid,21pts (8)

Worst Away Record,Espanyol,2pts (7)

Most Goals Scored last 6,Real Madrid,22

Least Goals Scored last 6,Celta Vigo,1

Most Goals Conceded Last 6,Almeria,14

Least Goals Conceded Last 6,Real Madrid,3

Best form last 6,Real Madrid,18pts

Best form last 6,Barcelona,13pts

Best form last 6,Villareal,13pts




[table caption=”Serie A Form,” width=”350″ colwidth=”125|125|100″ colalign=”left|left|left”]




Without Win,Cesena,14


Most Draws, Sampdoria,8 (15)

Best Home Record,Roma,22pts (8)

Worst Home Record,Cagliari,3pts (7)

Best Away Record,Juventus,17pts (8)

Worst Away Record,Cesena,1pt (7)

Most Goals Scored last 6,Juventus,15

Least Goals Scored last 6,Torino,3

Most Goals Conceded Last 6,Cagliari/Cesena,14

Least Goals Conceded Last 6,Juventus,2

Best form last 6,Juventus,14pts

Best form last 6,Roma,13pts

Best form last 6,Palermo,12pts

Worst form last 6,Torino,3pts

Worst form last 6,Cagliari,3pts

Worst form last 6,Cesena,2pt



[table caption=”Ligue 1 Form,” width=”350″ colwidth=”125|125|100″ colalign=”left|left|left”]



Wins,St Etienne,3

Without Win,Lille,8


Most Draws,PSG,7 (17)

Best Home Record,Lyon/Marseille,24pts (9)

Worst Home Record,Caen,4pts (8)

Best Away Record,PSG,17pts (9)

Worst Away Record,Metz,4pts (9)

Most Goals Scored last 6,Lyon/PSG/Marseille,11

Least Goals Scored last 6,Lille,3

Most Goals Conceded Last 6,Caen,16

Least Goals Conceded Last 6,St Etienne,2





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