Gurgler Six Pack – Awful Sporting Outfits

The Auckland Nines jerseys were unveiled during the week to the interest, astonishment and disgust of league fans and the general disinterest of most. Channelling the recent G20 conference it was a display of quality ugly attire akin to any previous APEC or G20 yapfest. See them here. This week’s Six Pack is trawling through six different sports for their previous worst attempts.


Some of these jerseys were ahead of their time if you consider the offering of the Nines outfits. Others seemed old fashioned at the time, and even worse now. Squares and brown were certainly a fad The Gurgler misses.


AFL aren’t totally blameless either, as some of their wares are just as hideous.


Who could forget the infamous spewed beans jersey that the Socceroos wore in the Frank Arok era. Maybe they took inspiration from Norwich City or vice versa.


The only way to contain one of the coolest sporting teams of all time was to put them in the most hideous, awful creation ever.


It’s not just the ball games that dress their own up like an op shop mannequin. Featured is an awful opening ceremony outfits, and some Curling outfits that wouldn’t look out of place in a pizza parlour or barbershop quartet.


Why do the humans have all the awful looking fun. Featured here is the BAR/Honda cars of yore. When told they couldn’t run two different colour cars, they ran the cars with a colour scheme on each side joined by a zip. They attempted to beat that a few years later with an even worse paint scheme, as well meaning as it was intended.


A seventh entrant yes, but this one is only included because it repulses us in any form.

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