Man of the Year – 5th Nomination is here

You remember Alby Mangels don’t you? His swashbuckling global adventures on his World Safari videos back in the day? You do, of course you do. Who wouldn’t, and if you don’t – find out. Now. This will be waiting for you when you come back.

Like most good things from the 80’s (It’s a Knockout, Moustaches, Peter Russell Clarke) people reflect happily back to them with a smile, with a hope of it’s return, and hopefully not in the awful, awful form of the recent Knockout revamp. Others just sigh and wish they were born a little earlier.

Well at least one thing from the 80’s has survived the reincarnation, and this person’s achievements have landed a prestigious nomination for The Gurgler’s Man of the Year.

Alby Mangels Jnr aka Troy Walton was an accountant in a previous life, living the life working overseas, but all the time images of Alby Mangel’s World Safari videos borrowed from Rainbow Video were burning in his mind, until finally he embarked on his own World Safari.

So as the final leg of sailing ended in South Africa earlier this year which started in European waters some time ago, the achievement of sailing around the world was met. Landing in more countries than Tiger Woods conquests, the passport now resembles a frontline AFL players arms.

And once the worldwide feat was achieved what else could he do but dedicate it to his inspiration Alby Mangels.

Not only is the travelling feat impressive, but the strict adherence to the laws of Mangel-travel was monk like, even down to the carefully crafter locks, facial hair and lack of shirt. Except for the dog – but it’s now a different world.

Rumours that abound of him actually being a long lost love child of the original Alby are pure conjecture despite Alby snr’s prolific ability with the woman, and his contract ensuring 1 woman per leg per safari. Although there was that time in the late 70’s where paths and alliances may have crossed, and the allergy of shirt wearing is hereditary, so the gossip mongers continue talking it up.

Feel free to visit his Facebook or more actual detail, not forgetting that The Gurgler doesn’t reside in detail just drivel.

So, sailed around the world, what next? Leading Safari groups in Africa. What else could Alby Mangels Jnr do. Of course he does.

So, we wish to congratulate Alby Mangels Jnr aka Troy Walton on his nomination to the Man of the Year awards.

Just one to go and voting will be open.

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