Tipstradamus 150 is GO

Well here it is – the ultimate in sports tipping. We take the sporting calendar and hand pick the finest 150 events for you – the knowledgeable sports tipster – and give you the opportunity to show just how S-M-R-T you can be.

There’s plenty of sporting events to choose from, and these are spread all throughout the year to give you something to cheer for all year long.


Simply use the below Tipstradamus 150 Official Tipping Sheet and provide a tip for every event. But do it before 2015 as the tips must be locked into our Tipstradamus 150 machine by December 31. You’ve got Xmas holidays and need to find something to kill time whilst Uncle Philbert recalls his best fishing story for the 100th time.


We lock in the odds as at January 1 2015 except for specific events which don’t have odds yet like specific GPs. Once a market becomes available, we will use the last market before the event starts. For events without odds, we simply assign a $10 win. Once the odds are locked in, your score will be determined by a theoretical $1 bet on each bet. The highest total at the end of 2015 will be awarded the title of Ultimate Sports King 2015.

We will provide regular updates of progress scores as the year goes, as well inform of any odds updates you need.


Fill out the form and email it to us at

If you prefer the excel file please email us and we’ll deliver to you.

Tipstradamus 150 Official Form

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