Man of the Year – 4th Nomination!!!!

The Man of the Year nominations thus far consist of a German Football coach, a rabbit, and a meerkat.  It’s about time we introduce an Australian legend into the mix.

So its no surprise that the 4th nomination for the 2014 Man of the Year is the Honey Badger himself – Nick Cummins.



Whichever way you look at it, Australian Rugby (ssshhhh don’t say that sport out loud around the Gurgler offices) has not been the same since the Badger left our shores for Japan.  Whilst most people will say that lack of quality (any) leadership and lack of discipline are the key factors to the Wallabies poor form, this reporter points the finger squarely at the departure of our favourite Head and Shoulders representative.  The fact that the ARU didn’t work harder to secure Nick Cummins to remain on home soil is a travesty, and personally I think the team deserve their bad run.



One could almost award the nomination for 2014 purely on that Cummins WASN’T a part of the Wallabies shithouse season.  He was definitely the best player on the ground when he played against the Wallabies for the Barbarians during the recent spring tour.  He rubbed salt in the wound when he scored against his former team mates.



His breakout year was actually 2013, where he played most of his 15 caps for the Wallabies and was pretty close to the top of the tryscorers in the Super 14.  But it was his interview style and occa language and similies that really won the public over.  So when the super 14 season started this year he could’ve easily rested on his laurels, or even worse sell out and try too hard.  But no, Nick’s terrific attitude and gregarious nature gave the rugby playing youth of Australia a proper role model.  Someone that they could aspire to be, both on and off the field.  And the clincher for his nomination was to put his family above his own career, which is in its prime, for a quieter profile, both personally and professionally, for the financial help his family needs.



We can only hope the ARU can realise the error of their ways and lure this legend back.  Not just because he could recover some respectability for the Wallabies, but for the sporting public to have someone to believe in….since Adam Scott is turning out to be the Shark 2.0.


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