Gurgler’s Week O Sport

Welcome to another Week O Sport. There’s not a great deal of sport to talk about, cricketing tragedies aside, so we’ll keep it as thin as the non football sport that’s on offer at the moment.


The running and winning of Australia’s third most prestigious golfing tournament happened over the weekend, and gave the punters two things to think about.

One is the confirmation of Jordan Spieth’s arrival as a potential dominant force in golf over the next decade. The other was a very welcome return of the Pamps aka Rod Pampling to our screens and the top of a tournament.

There was a time when a Pampling appearance was sought and supported with wagers, so it was a great surprise with additional swearing when he hit the front of the tournament. Whilst an expected slide back to the pack happened, a few sweet sweet putts dropped for the man from north of Brisbane and he ended up second.

We welcome the return of the Pamps.


Good to see the AFL tidied up the complex bits of it’s tribunal during the week. Removing carryover points and making a much clearer criteria just shows the AFL know how to run their game. No doubt the NRL will eventually copy the AFL like most things after another 5 years of the same process.


Yes, we only mention them when they are going bad. So here’s another. If only they had a Honey Badger and significantly less Beale.


Marcus Ambrose, sick of driving in an anti clockwise mode, has returned home to work the other neck muscles out. With Marcus teaming up with Dick Johnson and Penske US know how, we will get an early sneak peek at who’s still got it, and the potential of the partnership next year, to clip  the wings off Red Bull Australia.


After a full year away from F1 when the new Aussie Dan Ricciardo stunned the world with his speed and consistency Webber needed to get back on the Australian radar.

He did it like only Webber does by having a huge one towards the end of a 6 hours race at Interlagos in Brazil.

Not that it appears as his fault, as Webber can’t remember how it happened, the Queanbeyan flyer certainly knows how to crash for real, saving all accidents up to have the good ones. Thankfully after a stay in hospital he is OK. But they always say to do it properly or not at all.







GURGLER SUPER MULTI – just a $98 multi this week

ALEAGUE – SYDNEY to beat Perth
NBL – NZ to beat Sydney
V8 – Shane van Gisbergen to win Race 1 of Sydney 400
NFL – Dallas to beat Chicago
NFL  – COLTS to beat Cleveland
NFL – SEATTLE to beat Philly Eagles.

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