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Welcome to the newish look Own Goal column. Each week we’ll attempt to bring you enough news, stats and figures to capture your imagination for a few seconds.

Here we share the love between all four tiers of English Football, the greatest football system anywhere in the world. Occasionally we involve teams lower down too, and especially when it involves our favourite – The FA Cup.

So enjoy our thoughts, stats and best bets which are the best that money can’t buy.


  • In the big Pretender v Contender clash at St Mary’s it was Man City who announced themselves as contenders, especially after a small Chelsea slip up against Sunderland. Maybe with a strong Manchester City, we may get a title race after all. As for Southampton, a tough run of fixtures will determine a great season from a very good start to a season. As good as Southampton are, let’s not forget Ipswich Town were third at Xmas in the early 00’s before finishing 5th.
  • Liverpool won, but with Gerrard on the bench is the unlikely likely, and Gerrard being nudged out of the club.
  • Newcastle were finally beaten by the almost as unpopular manager Sam Allardyce and his West Ham side, who look set for their best finish in a long time.
  • The relegation six pointer went the way of QPR plunging Leicester to the bottom of the league table and the top of the next manager sacked odd table.
  • All three promoted clubs are still hanging out in the bottom three, although up to 13th look likely to be dragged into a relegation fight soon.


Latest soccer data here. Currently loading stats from the football information feed.



Up-to-date soccer info here. Currently in the process of loading information from the data feed.

A London derby – essential viewing for the Arsenal fan.
Battle for fourth place sneak peek.
A run of 1-0 wins to Sunderland makes this bout which form could be thrown out the window.

Here’s the rest of the upcoming fixtures.


Latest football information here. Now getting data from information source.



So it’s all come to this, our best selections and tips for you to turn into many dollar, pound, euro or rupee. Please accept our best bets.

If you were lucky enough to read this last week, we finally gave you a winner in League Two. Bet early – bet often.


[table caption=”EPL MULTI TUESDAY NIGHT- $1 pays $52″ width=”500″ colwidth=”100|100″ colalign=”left|left”]
Bet, Game
SWANSEA to win,v QPR
CRYSTAL PALACE to win,v Aston Villa
MAN UTD to win, v Stoke
DRAW,Leicester v Liverpool
DRAW,WBA v West Ham


[table caption=”EPL MULTI WEDNESDAY NIGHT- $1 pays $46″ width=”500″ colwidth=”100|100″ colalign=”left|left”]
Bet, Game
CHELSEA to win,v Spurs
EVERTON wo win,v Hull
SUNDERLAND to win,v Man City
DRAW,Arsenal v Southampton


FOOTBALL - MORE STATSSo you want more? Well we shall reward your perseverance thus far and dazzle you with some more important stats that matter. Or don’t. Whatever.


[table caption=”EPL Form,” width=”300″ colwidth=”125|125|50″ colalign=”left|left|center”]



Without Win,Aston Villa,9


Most Draws,Sunderland,8 (13)

Best Home Record,Chelsea,18pts (6)

Worst Home Record,Aston Villa,5pts (6)

Best Away Record,Chelsea,15pts (7)

Worst Away Record,QPR,0pts (6)


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