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Welcome to the new Euro Football Weekly.

Here we delve into the reaches of the many European Football Leagues on offer, all with claims to be as good if not better than the EPL.

Each week we’ll go through the Spanish, Italian, and French Leagues in detail, with some updates and tidbits on other leagues.

For your German news and views, help yourself to our separate Bundesliga column here and look out for it each week.

So enjoy our thoughts, stats and best bets which are the best that money can’t buy.


  • Another round of Champions League fixtures run during the week, where the big boys flexed their muscles (Chelsea, Barcelona, PSG, Real Madrid, Arsenal), and Manchester City and Liverpool saved their bacon for another awaiting a final round showdown to disappoint or delight their fans.

    For more Champions League – read our previous bit which has the tables.

  • Biggest match of the round was Bayern Munich v Manchester City. The German side who only had 10 men looked set for an unlikely win until Aguero nabbed another two goals to go with the first and keep Manchester City alive for another round and cost The Gurgler a hard earned multi. Some regard Aguero the best striker in the world. We’ll wait and see on that one.
  • Talking of the best, Messi broke the Champions League scoring record during the week, an achievement befitting of the man. However, one can only wonder how long it will take Ronaldo to better it. Not long on current form – just a lazy 20 goals in the league, more than 14 teams combined goals thus far, and more than 3 times the goals scored by Granada.
  • Thankfully due to laziness not getting this out last night we are able to report on David Moyes’ first win for Real Sociedad. The 3 – 0 result brought a rare occurrence for Moyes – a smile on his face.
  • In Italy the Milan derby delighted with banners aplenty and ties – you bet. 1-1 the predicted and predictable result.
  • The title race looks to be between two sides – Roma and Juventus, and both should have wins this weekend to prolong the first to blink battle.
  • In France the man who loves himself like no other Zlatan has advised he intends to break his scoring drought. No doubt he will, no doubt it will be spectacular.


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Portuguese Table

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Belgian League Table

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The Celtic Premier League

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Here’s the best of the upcoming action….

– Valencia v Bareclona
– Malaga v Real Madrid
– Roma v Inter
– Palermo v Parma
– Marseille v Nantes
– Saint Etienne v Lyon
– Evian v Guingamp
– PSV Eindhoven v Feyenoord

Here’s the rest of the upcoming fixtures from Spain, Italy and France.


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So it’s all come to this, our best selections and tips for you to turn into many dollar, pound, euro or rupee. Please accept our best bets.

Bet early – bet often.

[table caption=”EURO SUPER MULTI – $1 pays $85″ width=”500″ colwidth=”100|100″ colalign=”left|left”]
Bet, Game
ATLETICO MADRID to win,v Deportivo
BARCELONA to win,v Valencia
VILLAREAL to win,v Cordoba
ROMA to win,v Inter
JUVENTUS to win,v Torino
PSG to win,v Nice
RENNES to win,v Monaco
DRAW,St Etienne v Lyon




[table caption=”La Liga Form,” width=”300″ colwidth=”125|125|50″ colalign=”left|left|center”]


Unbeaten,Real Madrid,9

Wins,Real Madrid,9

Without Win,Cordoba,12


Most Draws,Cordoba,7 (12)

Best Home Record,Valencia/Atl Madrid,16pts (6)

Worst Home Record,Almeria,3pts (6)

Best Away Record,Real Madrid,15pts (6)

Worst Away Record,Espanyol,2pts (6)

Most Goals Scored last 6,Real Madrid,26

Least Goals Scored last 6,Granada,2

Most Goals Conceded Last 6,Eibar,15

Least Goals Conceded Last 6,Real Madrid,2



[table caption=”Serie A Form,” width=”300″ colwidth=”125|125|50″ colalign=”left|left|center”]




Without Win,Cesena,9


Most Draws,Sassuolo/Sampdoria/AC Milan,6 (12)

Best Home Record,Roma,18pts (6)

Worst Home Record,Parma,3pts (6)

Best Away Record,Juventus,16pts (7)

Worst Away Record,Cesena,1pt (6)

Most Goals Scored last 6,Juventus/Napoli,15

Least Goals Scored last 6,Atalanta/Parma,3

Most Goals Conceded Last 6,Verona,15

Least Goals Conceded Last 6,Juventus,2




[table caption=”Ligue 1 Form,” width=”300″ colwidth=”125|125|50″ colalign=”left|left|center”]




Without Win,Lille,5


Most Draws,PSG/Nantes,6 (14)

Best Home Record,Lyon,21pts (8)

Worst Home Record,Caen,3pts (6)

Best Away Record,PSG,16pts (8)

Worst Away Record,Evian,3pts (6)

Most Goals Scored last 6,Lyon,15

Least Goals Scored last 6,Lille,3

Most Goals Conceded Last 6,Guingamp,13

Least Goals Conceded Last 6,Rennes,1




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