Gurgler’s 2014 Tipstradamus 100 Results

2014 was such a long time ago. Well, it is in sporting terms. Especially when it comes to our Tipstradamus 100 for 2014.

For those who don’t know or didn’t read our original story, it can be found here –

A quick rundown is that 100 different sporting events were locked in just before 2014 started, and the odds at the time were used to determine score, with an equivalent $1 bet on each event scoring each tip.

We have listed our results below, with a small profit of $3.22 at the end of the year if we had of spent the original $100. Our winners total came in at 30 giving us a 30% strike funnily enough.

Could we have done better? Of course, and especially if we had a time machine or fork bending powers, but since we don’t we’ll have to do better next year.

Some of our better results were the NRL-AFL double and the GAA Football-Hurling double. And who would know the NASCAR champ at $17, we do.

Stay tuned to The Gurgler though, as we intend to launch the all new Tipstradamus 150 for 2015. It like there’s a TAB party on your PC and everyone’s invited. But stay tuned for the announcement soon, but get thinking on the major events for next year now. It will take a few weeks to find 150 winners.

tips 100 result

tips 100 result d tips 100 result c tips 100 result b