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So it’s come to this, what looked inevitable after the first race in Melbourne with Mercedes domination and controversy that double points in the last race could unfairly change the title, is right on schedule as the last event looms.

With a championship battle that has been exclusive to Mercedes all year, it is down to the two drivers to live or die by the double points rule that no one seems to like, but most seem to like that the championship is still. Slightly hypocritical yes, but so is F1.

The Ham, who was 10 wins to Rosberg’s Five has the 17 point lead, however that 17 point lead could will not be enough if Rosberg wins and Hamilton finishes lower than second. Given that no other car in race trim is likely to be within half a lap of the silver arrows by the end of the race, it seems unlikely that second at worst would be a challenge.

It would then require mechanical issues or an intra-team incident to hurt either driver. Not out of the realms of possibility though, as both drivers have suffered issues throughout the year, with Hamilton on the receiving end of the worse luck. An omen his fans would rather forget.

An intra team incident is also a possibility after the battle between the two Mercedes drivers reached a climax in Belgium.

Another variable is mistakes under pressure, which have been an increasing factor in the back end of the championship. Rosberg’s inability to brake cleanly at Monza and Sochi, and Hamilton’s off in Brazil show that either driver could make a mistake that could open the door for the other driver’s championship.

Below we attempt to list positives and negatives for each driver to help you decide who to follow on Sunday.

He has won the most races by double and deserves it.
He would be almost unbeatable if not for double points.
He has had the most mechanical issues.
You enjoy shows like TMZ and ET.
You can’t wait for the next piece of bling to celebrate the title.

He is British.
He is becoming more Ice T than T Car.
You won’t be able to stand another year or so of pure UK Press tongue up arse lovefest.
You don’t want a jumping and elated Nicole Scherzinger ruining another tense final moment of a F1 year. Note to broadcasters – F1 is not about hangers on, we don’t care about any of the wives or gf’s so enough flashbacks to pits during coverage.

You are German or you hate England.
You are a fan of Keke Rosberg from back in the day.
You are a Schu fan who enjoyed some of Nico’s work at Monaco.

He is German.
You found Monaco and Belgium to be dirty German tactics akin to the Schu and won’t stand for it.
Has won half of the races as Ham and doesn’t deserve it.
You hate double points.

THE GURGLER’S VERDICT – We really don’t care, but would love an action packed race. If it means first corner incident and failures then happy days.

Once again the 3rd place and final podium will be up for grabs between the next best driver this year behind the Mercedes duo – Daniel Ricciardo. Or one of the two drivers from the second best car of the year – Williams.

Another element for this final race for best of the rest is the splitting of some long term relationships, both of whom are in the phase of attempting to impress the next partner with trying to show the previous what they’ll miss.

Vettel and Alonso are both moving on from the teams they’ve called home for many seasons. Vettel will have the fondest memories of Abu Dhabi with Chapionship and wins, so remains a real dark horse for the podium. Alonso in the meantime won’t have as fond memories of this place, having spent one of the races here studying the rear wing of Petrov, thowing away a Championship in the process.

THE GURLGER selects VETTEL for old times sack.

With the midfield usually comprising a range of cars who overtake will equal bravery and stupidity, we don’t need to talk them up. More of the same Racing please.

The most interesting thing will be Caterham, who needed internet money to gain a place in the final event. A positive is bringing back Kamui Kobayashi, a negative is having another pay driver Stevens from lord knows where filling the other starter. At least Sauber who are also on zero points are ahead of the championship in tenth so will get their freight next year paid for, if the make the grid.

There’s little to no attrition in this GP, so one of the these teams will hoping for a mega car pileup to sneak a point.

Both will remain pointless, will be lucky to finish too. Will be lucky to be there next year.

1st Retirement – Perez or Sutil
Top 3 – Vettel
Top 6 – Kyvat


[table caption=”Recent Winners Abu Dhabi” width=”500″ colwidth=”80|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|center”]
2013,Vettel,Red Bull
2010,Vettel,Red Bull
2009,Vettel,Red Bull

2009 – Kobayashi impresses enough to get a Toyota drive for 2010, who then withdrew. Button v Webber in the last few laps was classic racing.
2010 – Petrov holds off Alonso for many, many laps, (more than likely the reason for DRS being introduced). His own fault for he and Webber pitted early for tactics and it didn’t work. Title handed to Vettel on a platter.
2012 – Kimi’s storming drive included the now immortal line over the radio “Leave me Alone, I know what I’m doing” Classic Kimi.

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