Gurgler’s Week O Sport – with Best Bets and Pants

Summer’s here and there’s still plenty of sport going on, and here’s our weekly wrap, with the internet’s most extravagant multi tips for added value.

The best Four Nations tournament thus far ended in a deserving win for New Zealand on Sunday against the Australian side who never quite looked likely.

Why was it the best? Well first, all four nations were compeditive this time, with Samoa almost providing a handful of upsets before being outclassed in the first half of the game against Australia. On the whole they were deserving participants, and they had to prove that as a Gurgler favourite PNG wasn’t in the tournament.

Secondly, interest is always spiked when Australia don’t win everything. It is good for the game when another win a tournament for many reasons. One – Australia tend to get off their ring and play better next time. Two – we got rid of Ricky Stuart (the Michael Slater of Rugby League) last time Australia lost a big tournament. Three – some of the players who couldn’t be arsed this time around may find a way to make themselves available. Sure they were all injured to some degree or burnt out, but given their profession and short time frame of playing life they might want to play as often as they can.

Thirdly, the actual games were quality affairs. Even the games not featuring Australia were great, especially the NZ v England match. What also helps is the game is having just the one referee. We’ve yet to see a game that has been improved by two referees, or put another way, not many games featuring one referee have been talked about afterwards for the refereeing.

So, whilst it may not be the dynasty NZ may want or claim could happen (as NSW used to after three origin series win before Qld showed them what a real dynasty is), they deserve their win and Australia may have to play properly next time to beat them.

Jamie Whincup is now the most successful V8/Australian Touring Car driver of all time in terms of championship wins, and very few have dominated like the energy drink fuelled speed merchant. No doubt he will be right on the pace again next year, and who knows, a seventh title might not be unrealistic.

We at The Gurgler would like to see Jamie Whincup have a go at another category though. V8’s will always be a home he can come back to, but whilst he’s attached to Red Bull, why not try to join a lower series in Europe or NASCAR in the US for a few years. The Shane van Gisbergens and David Reynolds.

One beef with the V8 Championship is the points system, which is far too complex and rewards far too much mediocrity. Only cars in a Top 10 should ever get points, and there’s too much everyone wins a prize and ribbon in how far the points go in V8s. Borrowed from Wikipedia is the points table below.

v8 points



There is no sport on earth where someone finishing 28th should get anything. let alone 7 points for being the most mediocre. Funny considering that it is V8s that a point system is so confusing, maybe it is to bamboozle the fans which so many points they never quite know if a championship is close to being won or not.

This week we awoke to the news that Michael Clarke will miss the test series against India. Whilst it is going to be a massive hole to fill with both willow and captain’s armband, it will give selectors a chance to let a couple of batsman test wannabes cement their place in the test side before we head back to England again.

The Gurgler selects either Callum Ferguson or Joe Burns, both of who are playing well in the shield.

We also hope that Haddin remains injured for at least one game so Chris Hartley can finally prove to the world that he is the best wicket keeper in the country and quite a handy batsman. Whilst his overall record isn’t great, Hartley has usually entered the field with Qld in all shapes of disaster, and he has held up many a Qld innings showing substance over the style of the fashionable batsman-keeper.

Why do we bother giving an opinion though, if there’s a marginal decision and a NSW players is close enough, they will no doubt change their Sky Blues to Green quick enough.

Our long range tipping comp will be back next year, and we will launch this for everyone to enter soon. So, look for the separate article soon. The winner will receive a limited edition King Tipster T Shirt.

So get your sporting thinking cap on and get those tips ready for 2015 and stay tuned.





And now for the internet’s biggest sports multi for your consideration.

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CRICKET ODI #4 – SAF to beat Aust
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RUGBY – FRANCE to beat Argentina
ALEAGUE – Melbourne Victory/Brisbane Roar + 2.5 goals
ALEAGUE – Perth to beat Wellington
ALEAGUE – Perth to beat Adelaide
NBL – NZ to beat Melbourne
NBL – PERTH to beat Adeliaide.

[table caption=”FREE FTA SPORT” width=”500″ colwidth=”50|50|50|350″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Day,Channel,Time,Sporting Event
Thu,CH7,12:00pm,GOLF – Australian Masters
Fri,CH7,12:00pm,GOLF – Australian Masters
Fri,CH9,12:30pm,Cricket ODI #4 Aust v SAF
Fri,SBS,6:30pm,ALEAGUE- Melb Victory v Brisbane
Sat,CH7,12:00pm,GOLF – Australian Masters
Sat,7Mate,7:30pm,INTERNATIONAL RULES – Aust v Ireland
Sat,ONE,10:30pm,F1 FINALE Abu Dhabi Qualy
Sat,CH7,12:00pm,GOLF – Australian Masters
Sun,CH9,12:30pm,Cricket ODI #5 Aust v SAF
Sun,SBS2,10:00pm,ALeague Extra Time
Sun,CH10,10:45pm,F1 FINALE – Abu Dhabi – Race



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