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So Foxtel is offering their wares for just $25 a month. Well, there’s still plenty for nothing on free to air and why not save yourself $25 and your time with our rundown on the best and blurst of FTA TV this week.

There’s no big budget dramas or reality shows here, they already get plenty of air time, we’re down at the other end of the pool championing the lesser known, forgotten, and the lesser liked servings available.

So we’ll take the hard work out of the TV Guide and highlight or favourites and all the sport on offer.
FLYING HIGH (ONE) – Monday 9:30pm
SOUTH PARK (SBS2) – Tuesday 10:30pm Russell Crowe Episode

Big Brother hasn’t got long left, so it can have another couple of nominations.

FOOTBALL – JAPAN V AUST (ABC) Tuesday 8:00pm


[table caption=”TV HIGHLIGHTS” width=”500″ colwidth=”50|50|50|350″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Mon,7Mate,6:30,4 x Seinfeld
Mon,SBS,7:30,Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design
Mon,ONE,9:30,Flying High
Mon,GEM,9:35,Dirty Harry
Mon,SBS2,11:30,Sarah Silverman Program
Tue,7Mate,8:30,Man Finds Food + Chowmasters
Tue,7Mate,9:30,Bogan Hunters Uncut
Tue,SBS2,10:30,South Park feat Russell Crowe
Wed,Eleven,7:30,Simpsons + Futurama
Wed,ABC,8:00,Micallef’s Mad As Hell + Chaser’s Media Circus
Thu,SBS2,8:00,Gadget Man
Thu,SBS2,8:30,South Pk Replay new replay
Fri,SBS2,8:30,Ali G
Sat,7Mate,5:30,Happy Gilmore
Sat,7Mate,7:30,London’s Super Tunnel (for the transport nerds)
Sun,ABC,7:30,Countdown – Do Yourself A Favour
Sun,SBS2,9:30,South Park

Daily show that are your boredom backups.
ABC – 6:00pm – Eggheads / QI DOuble
7MATE – 6:30pm – Seinfeld Double

[table caption=”FREE FTA SPORT” width=”500″ colwidth=”50|50|50|350″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
Day,Channel,Time,Sporting Event
Mon,7Mate,4:00am,NFL Triple Header
Tue,ABC,8:00pm,FOOTBALL – Japan v AUST Friendly
Wed,CH9,12:30pm,Cricket ODI #3 Aust v SAF
Thu,CH7,12:00pm,GOLF – Australian Masters
Fri,CH7,12:00pm,GOLF – Australian Masters
Fri,CH9,12:30pm,Cricket ODI #4 Aust v SAF
Fri,SBS,6:30pm,ALEAGUE- Melb Victory v Brisbane
Sat,CH7,12:00pm,GOLF – Australian Masters
Sat,7Mate,7:30pm,INTERNATIONAL RULES – Aust v Ireland
Sat,ONE,10:30pm,F1 FINALE Abu Dhabi Qualy
Sat,CH7,12:00pm,GOLF – Australian Masters
Sun,CH9,12:30pm,Cricket ODI #4 Aust v SAF
Sun,SBS2,10:00pm,ALeague Extra Time
Sun,CH10,10:45pm,F1 FINALE – Abu Dhabi – Race

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