The G20 Battle Royale Grand Final

G20 Battle Royale a

So it’s come to this. The G20 started off with 20 nations, and The Gurgler’s battle royale has slowly whittled this down to the final two.

Surprisingly there’s no stars and stripes, union jack, or Germans in the final two. The two that have made the Grand Final are South Korea and Japan, if you haven’t been following the fun.

So here’s the category they’re playing off for tonight.


GRAND FINAL – Winner decided
Highest = winner, Lowest = Runner Up

So sit back and enjoy your G20. No doubt there’ll be plenty of rolling coverage with many, many reporters giving many live crosses of updates that provide little or no update.

Here’s the all-important result.

gf g20




So congrats to The Republic of Korea who take out the inaugural G20 Battle Royale. A surprise winner who will no doubt celebrat with a ticker tape parade through the streets of Brisbane sometime this weekend.

The Russians have been moved into Queensland waters to provide the many cannon/missile salute to the royale winner. And to provide the news an extra thing to update tomorrow.

That’s enough for this G20 conference. Join us for the next one, wherever that is.

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