Emirates Stakes Day – Gurgler Tips a plenty

Good Times for all. ALL.


So we are now approaching the last day of the spring carnival The Gurgler gives a stuff about. Sure, there’s Sandown next week, but we need a few weeks off to get over the smorg of horse racing that has been available.

Like any raceday this last few weeks, many, many fan will be hanging out to either follow these tips or ignore them and remove them immediately form their exotics.

If you’d rather horse around than bet on horses or both, don’t forget our legendary Spumante Racing – Horse Racing drinking game. It’s bubbling fun.

Gurgler's Spumante Racing
RACE 1 – 8 Lord Trieste
RACE 2 – 19 Mr Jazz (for ultimate value)
RACE 3 – 10 London Strike
RACE 4 – 4 Lord Aspen
RACE 5 – 3 Le Roi
RACE 6 – 2 Lankan Rupee
RACE 7 – 2 The Cleaner
RACE 8 – 13 Armapour
RACE 9 – 9 Telepathic.

Finally, not that we suggest any betting company, but Ladrokes offer a megafecta. All you have to do is outlay $3 for a chance of $10 million. Probably good odds considering that the megafecta means picking the winners from race 3-9.

Good punting – bet early – bet often.

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