G20 Event of the Year!!



What a lineup!  What a venue! What a NIGHT!

Ever since Tony Abbott laid down the gauntlet to Vladmir Putin with the now infamous ‘Ill shirtfront him!’ statement, the whole world has been waiting for this confrontation.  Now, courtesy of thegurgler.com,  Errol Stewarts, and the G20, the international stage is set for what may be the bout of the century!

To tantalise the sellout Suncorp crowd we have the Cliche Smackdown Triple Treat; can the ‘Bonge retain his title?!

Then it will be the local Derby, its Campbell Newman vs the State of Qld.  As a treat for those at the stadium, even if you aren’t a Queenslander, you’ll be invited into the ring to help QLD.  Spectacular action!

The final curtain raiser  brings 3 of the dirtiest fighters in the business, the People’s Republic of China versus Jeff the Dinosaur versus Clive Palmer.  Will the numbers of the Chinese be enough against the might of Jeff or the girth of Clive?

Anticipation will then be at its peak for the main event.  Abbott’s experience in the ring at Oxford University against Putin’s, well if the media is to be believed, experience against anything that walks, crawls, slithers or slides.  If you arent one of the lucky ones to have a ticket, rest assured you wont miss out with it being televised on Briz 31 (only if you are within the Briz 31 antenna range which is only 8% of the QLD population)

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