The Gurgler launches….Man of the Year

3rd Nomination announced – Aleksandr Orlov – Compare The Meerkat.
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2nd Nomination announced – Reggie Rabbitoh – Long Suffering
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1st Nomination announced – Joachim Loew – World Cup Winner
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As the year comes to a close it is time to look back on the year and what we’ve achieved so far, and reminisce about the good times.

There have been plenty of good times in 2014, and we believe that the best people who made The Gurgler laughs, smile, and cheer should receive their just recognition.

Please accept then, The Gurgler’s Man of the Year.

Not that it necessarily has to be a man, women are welcome too, as are aliens (except for those annoying Budget Direct twits) and any dog or monkey. So it is really The Living Being of the Year, but the poster for Man has already been done so there it is.

Register your nomination at to vote for your favourite which we will then select a final pool of six to decide the champion. In the likely event I’m the only one who reads this, I’ll select 6 that I like and choose the winner.

Vote early. Vote often.