Gurglers Week O Sport Round Up – with Best bets

Time for another weekly roundup you say? We could say it’s here and by popular demand, but only one of those statements would be correct. The popular demand of course.

Talking popular, we diver straight in this week to the Wallabies.



We rarely talk about anything union, unless it’s the Wallabies hitting rock bottom. One really shouldn’t enjoy the failures of another person or team, but in this case it’s only the polo shirt-collar up-Corona drinking (labels out)-boarding school attending who are affected and would be offended. And they probably won’t now the Wallabies aren’t winning given their fickle nature.

There are many problems involving the Wallabies on and off the field, in the case of the Gurgler there’s only one – it still exists. However, the off field incidents like preserving Kurtley Beale at the detriment of winning anything is a foolhardy long term plan we hope they continue down to the eventual and complete demise of Australian Rugby.

Greatest respect for the All Blacks and their winnings ways and culture, and true sporting supporters.

Sure as we see in the English Football, a new head coach will give you that extra bounce, but ultimately it will more than likely fail, and we’ll be rubbing our hands awaiting the next exodus to Rugby League. At least in the short form it will mean no more League players will go to Rugby. If they want to be highly paid and lose the Gold Coast Titans have a few spots left.

Although the Wallabies succumbed to the All Blacks again, they were far from the worst sporting team on the planet last weekend. That gong goes to Sunderland who were truly awful throughout most of the match.

Some will point out that Southampton played very well, and a contentious decision against them at only 2-0 which may have led to different result as a better explanation. However if you have seen some of the effort put in, you’d know that Sunderland are deserving of the title “Worse than the Wallabies”. Aside from the stunning own goal that Ronaldo/Messi would have claimed as quality

The best club football competition in the world featured an ever growing gap between the very best and the very good.

Bayern Munich v Roma had shades of the German side v Brazil from the recent World Cup. It looked like a training run as the German side scored goals for fun against Italy’s second best side who have lost very few, if any, too many, infinny, this season. Quality viewing watching the skills if you weren’t a Roma fan.

Real Madrid too looked like on a different level as they have for most of the year, and Ronaldo must surely be declared the best players in the game right now.

Chelsea too made very light work of Maribor, but won like good teams do. If this form continues, it looks like some semi finals of the ages if the draws stays kind.


Some say Hayne is a w@nker and who cares if he’s going to the NFL. But we think differently.

Hayne could easily soak up more years in the NRL and take the easy road and count the dollars, if not trophies if he stayed at Parramatta.

But kudos for having a go. More Australian sports people should do it. Like Marcos Ambrose before him, Hayne recognises that the USA has the grand prize of his chosen sport, and can have a go while he’s young, as Australian sport will always be here when he gets back. Someone like Whincup in the V8’s should take notice.

In all likelihood, Hayne probably won’t make it, but we hope it does, as it will open up other league players to have a go. Inglis would surely be even more suited to the big bash-fest. One can only imagine a full flight Mark Hohn or Tony Carroll having a go in the states.
betsGURLGER SUPER MULTI $1 gets you $1000+
ALEAGUE – BRISBANE to beat Sydney
ALEAGUE – RED CARD AWARDED – Melb Victory v Melb City
BASEBALL – KANSAS CITY to win Game Three
MOTOGP – MARQUEZ to win Malaysian GP
RLEAGUE – SAMOA +14.5 start v England

All Moonee Valley
R1 – 5 Scaddens Run – when King Noel Callow is in town and talks-you listen & bet.
R5 – 5 Le Roi
R7 – 13 Go Indy Go
R8 – 4 Happy Trails

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