Spumante Racing – Gurgler’s Horse Racing Drinking Game (A Guide for the Spring Racing Carnival)

Good Times for all. ALL.

So you’ve enjoyed our NRL, AFL and Bathurst Drinking Games, or not. Maybe you’re telling yourself you need time to recover from the excitement. Pffft, no chance.

We’ve saved our very best drinking game until now, so please accept…..Spumante Racing.

Spumante Racing brings the best action and glamour from the great racetracks all over Australia, and combines it with the very finest alcohol money can buy, all in a format that provides fun for all the family.

You can use this for the upcoming Spring Carnival and Melbourne Cup, but it is a quality all-year around activity.

Here’s the rundown….

STEP 1 – Get down to your local liquor emporium. Purchase some Golden Gate Spumante, we recommend at least a carton as you don’t want the fun to end. You may ask why Golden Gate Spumante? Well, like any of our games, you aren’t supposed to enjoy it, it’s all about punishing the loser rather than rewarding the winner.

STEP  2 – obtain a plastic cup per person – we suggest the no brand plastic cups usually used at kids parties. Mark it into 6 equal segments.

STEP 3 – Pick as many race meetings as you think you can stomach. We recommend meetings that are 10 minutes apart, you’ll thank us later in the day. But hey, we aren’t your mother so do whatever.

STEP 4 – Decide a starting order by random draw, horsebite competition, rock-paper-scissors or two up.

STEP 5 – In the previously decided order, pick a horse each.
Note: you can’t pick the same horse unless more people than horses. You are also forbidden from picking a horse paying less than $2.00.

STEP 6 – Listen to the race and delve out the punishments as below. Use various websites to determine the final finishing order, but be quick…refer to notes.

spumante cup

STEP 7: Drink up and get ready for the next race. The choosing order for the next race goes on the order from the previous race. So choose wisely, as an early 10th+ means you could be selecting last for the rest of the day.

NOTE: Your punishment must be completed before the start of the next race. Failure to comply will result in having to not only complete the original punishment before the end of the next race, but an additional punishment of the same size must also be completed before the next race finishes. Failure to comply with that additional punishment results in another full cup added to the already overflowing amount of GG Spumante.
The Gurgler authors can highly recommend this as the perfect accompaniment to a Raceday, any day of the week.


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