The Gurgler Live Podcast – Episode 8

The new Gurgler Live podcast is here, and we are well into the territory of more episodes than listeners as we chalk up number 8. Almost as many as the many rugby fans that turned up on Saturday night.

Max Layne joins host Derek Ottoman for another session of the internet’s least heard podcast.

At least this week Derek and Max amuse themselves with talk of the futuristic Space City Shopping Centre, alternative Navman voiceovers and an all new improved sports chat.

We wonder if some forgotten stars are dead or not, add another name to our ever expanding Crap Fantale Hall of Fame, and load a few more passengers on the Gurgler Rocket.

It’s everything you could ever want, and all yours for just 13 easy payments of 189 Gurgler Schillings.

This was the last one produced in the series, and arguably our best. Keep an eye and ear out for a new summer series.

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Derek is the host with most and plenty more than that. Every week, technology and effort pending, he along with a special co-host brings you The Gurgler's Podcast. Join him every week for the banter and semi informative updates that is our podcast.