Gurgler’s Italian GP Review – in point form

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What do Alfonso De Portago, Christian Danner, Stefan Bellof and The Gurgler have in common?

4 points is the answer.

The quickest GP of the year deserves the quickest possible review for your convenience. Let the forums waffle.

–          Pretty embarrassing result for Rosberg. Hamilton crawled off the line and fell back a few places and gave Rosberg a golden opportunity to at least hold a gap. Couldn’t live with Ham’s pace, and errors handed the race to him without a fight. At least he won the trophy for ‘Who can speak the most Italian” on the podium.

–          Vettel gambled with an early stop which cost him dearly, and was yet again overtaken on track by Ricciardo, who had another great race. He’s now getting so bold as to think the Red Bull should now be considering team orders to help his Title shot. Can’t argue with that thinking either. Singapore and Japan aren’t very forgiving tracks if the Mercedes get feisty with each other.

–          Massa was quick. He goes pretty well when there’s no one else around to crash into. Bottas had a harder time of it with “Elbows” Magnussen.

–          Unfortunately, the outside of Parabolica now has more concrete run off, meaning that running wide no longer delivers the same punishment. It was normally good for at least one DNF per race. Drivers can really get greedy with the curbing and plenty were getting a little slidey on it and not willing to lift off. The irony is one day someone’s going to push it that bit too far and get a big tankslapper on, and they’re going to hit the wall a lot harder than they would had all the gravel still been there.

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