The Gurgler Live Podcast – Episode 6

Lots of good things comes in sixes: Six Packs of Beer. Six strings on a guitar. Six balls in a regulation over. Some things that come in sixes don’t however. Police Academy 6, Leonard Part 6, 6 O’clock News.

Somewhere in between is our latest offering – The Gurgler Live 006.

For fans of It’s A Knockout (and who isn’t – if not get out) there’s way more discussion than you’d ever think possible. We count our favourite Channel 10 shows. Discuss the latest sport and introduce another deserving Crap Fantale hall of fame recipient.

Plus unveil our summer movie blockbuster.

It’s all here so why don’t you spoil yourself.

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Derek is the host with most and plenty more than that. Every week, technology and effort pending, he along with a special co-host brings you The Gurgler's Podcast. Join him every week for the banter and semi informative updates that is our podcast.