The Belgian GP Review – in point form

Another race, another Mercedes spat, another Daniel Ricciardo victory. F1 is getting feisty and good, and as ever we conserve fuel and provide the internet’s shortest review possible.


–          Mercedes contact AKA Crime of the Century. I still don’t think Nico deliberately slashed Ham’s tyre, but he was being quite feisty for that early in the race, against his team mate. Merc will rightly be annoyed.


He’s a calculating guy; there’s probably a 20-30% of Lewis getting a puncture, vs a 90% chance of him decently damaging his wing, so it doesn’t quite add up. He held on that little too long trying to bully Ham, and nipped him. Very similar incidents happen every race, but due to the hate flowing through this one, it’s taken on much bigger proportions. Alonso trimmed his nose on Vettel’s rear tyre too, but there was no puncture and no lynch mob.


After this and the Monaco qualifying “mistake”, I can’t see Rosberg getting the benefit of the doubt on these fortunate incidents any longer. You can only cry (Toto) wolf so many times.


Rosberg increasingly looking like the new WDC, and Ham increasingly looking like the “Would’ve been” WDC on the bulletin boards. Bernie’s Double Points final round mean that nothing is decided for some time yet though.


–          The world’s new favourite driver Ricciardo notched up another great win. He got past Vettel after Sebastian ran wide, but then left him in the dust. Adrian Newey is leaving, Vettel must be getting pretty keen to get out of there asap.


–          Another podium from Bottas. Massa had debris stuck in car apparently, but he was nowhere to be seen.


–           Good to see “Spa Specialist” Kimi getting up there again.


–          Great battle between Magnussen, Alonso, Vettel and Button in the final few laps, with Magnussen getting the ‘robust defending’ plaudits.

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