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The big man has good but not great this year been due for a while for a biggun’. He delivered a message once again at what the Broncos missed out on a few years ago when they had his signature. Rather than sliding out of finals contention and into obscurity they could be mounting a Souths-like challenge on the NRL title.

The retrieval of the chip kick, ramming the Broncos fullback out of the way, and back up play to finish off with a try shows all that’s good with him. The goanna post-try celebration is also welcome. As would be a premiership for long, long suffering Souths fans.

Sure the crowds will be poor, but the NRL doesn’t really care do they? As long as Channel 9 bigwigs are happy. We’re also happy at the return of Thursday Night Football. This means that we’re not forced to stay up until 11pm and more to watch both games. It also proves a point The Gurgler has been trying to make for ages that we don’t need the specific state based TV games – e.g. Broncos for Qld and Wests Tigers/Parra for NSW. The NRL And Channel 9 should stop treating league fans like they are as stupid as ACA would like us to believe and back the product and show the best games possible each week. Real fans want to see the best games between the best teams.

Always of a high quality featuring – magic, portaloos, burnouts and more. The picking up of a man in a spandex chequered flag outfit was another milestone reached in the world of post race celebrations.

Setting himself up nicely for yet another axing from the Test side by scoring a sh!tload of runs in the northern winter circket tour. A double century in a one dayer from 155 balls no less and plenty of runs elsewhere has forced selectors to replace the inevitable Watson injusy with the left-hander for the upcoming African ODI series. This should lead nicely into Test selection in the summer where the smallest failure will lead to another axing, and another round of suggestions that he just needs to score plenty of runs to get his chance.

The best football league in the world is back to accompany the rest of the UK Football Leagues. Sure it doesn’t have the big names who all sign for either Real Madrid or Barcleona, but it does feature a comp in which the battle for the title consistently features more than two sides and Top 4 battle that features twice that amount.


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Many, many trumpets hailed the arrival of Dutch manager Louis Van Gaal to Manchester as the saviour of the once mighty Red Devils. Especially after the World Cup performance of Holland aka The Netherlands. However, as the wise saying goes, you can’t polish a turd, and no amount of Mr Sheen or Charlie Sheen for that matter will gloss up a team that was no good last year, and one of your 20million+ signings isn’t fit enough. They will have to look harder for a scapegoat this year if it continues. Our money’s on Rooney as they’ve just moved Nani on.


A little over a month ago the Wests Tigers were smashing the Bulldogs with a bunch of promising kids. Now they are being relentlessly smashed. Winning has now become whining, and the Farah-Tallis spat just sums up their relevance to finals football. Hopefully a culture doesn’t brew that ruins the promising kids.

At the end of the day it was a correct ruling. Whether they’ve been let go before doesn’t matter. The carry on including caning the ball boy to tears is poor. Calls that they’ve ruined Parramtta’s chances of a finals berth are harsh considering there have been some very ordinary non Hayne performances this year. And that they’ll ruin the Grand Final too, please. I do remember 6 very grown up officials not being able to count to 6 last year, and a very mature video ref who couldn’t determine the most obvious knock on in league history.

I know we aren’t supposed to mention it but nothing like kicking a dog when it’s down. The pinnacle of a sport signified by no tries and nothing but penalty goals shows what a rubbish game it is. Normal service should resume when the All Blacks pull the Wallabies pants down again, and the Rugby bandwagon is over for another year.

Injured again. Maybe Brut should come up with a spray on body shield or something similar.

Kicking sand into face. Any side belted by the Lions are struggling. Unlikely to bring their brand to the finals this year. So Sad.

England cricket team beating India. Hopes raised hopefully before another Ashes smashing next time around. Amazing how such a busted arse operation is now so good.


$1 wins $234
ALL BLACKS to win 13+
SOUTHS to beat NQ Cowboys
RICHMOND to beat St Kilda
GEELONG to beat Hawthorn
ALONSO Top 3 Belgian GP
V8’s Race 2 – Michael Caruso Top 6

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