Thrust’s German GP Impressions in Point Form

The Gurgler proudly presents a German GP review in the best possible form. Unlike Luca Badoer it’s in point form. Let other sites waffle.

– Rosberg won. Much like the guy who got caught cheating in the London marathon, we only saw him at the start and at the finish. We can only assume he drove the whole distance until someone can prove otherwise.

– Bottas is the new iceman. Much icier than Kimi has been lately.

– Massa again found a way to crash out when it wasn’t really his fault, but still kind of was his fault. I bet he knocks over a lot of drinks at home.

– Hamilton had an eventful race. I particularly enjoyed Sutil turning in on him when Hamilton sneaked past –  “Sorry, I didn’t see you there. Just like I when didn’t see you there when I needed you to testify in my defence when I glassed that Lotus guy”

– Riccardo is the real deal. He got trumped at the start, but he’s proving that he’s just as fast as Vettel, and ever so good in close quarters combat. Great defence against Alonso. Except maybe Hulk or Bottas, there’s no one else in his age group that could go that hard against Fernando and not make a complete hash of it.

– Rookie Kyvat made a rookie error with that horrible overtaking attempt. Then destroyed the evidence in the flames.

– Kobayashi’s entertainment value is wasted in a Caterham. He needs a car with at least some potential of getting close enough to another car for a kamikaze attempt.

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