Smedley’s Shank – Gurgler on the British Open aka The Mechanic Show

Many people think the US Masters is the premium golfing tournament of the year, and they are right with it’s perfectly manicured fairways, traditional Augusta home and Green jackets.

Even though the British Open lacks such qualities, it still has enough of everything to warrant best of the rest of Golf tournament, and that’s when it’s not played at St Andrews.

Called up to host this year’s blast is Royal Liverpool, which is your typical British Open layout which usually favours the European based players rather than the US based pros, which is a good change, and usually throws up some surprises with never-heard-winning  going close, or champions like Watson and Norman turning back time.

However, some of the very finest golfing chokes of all time happen in this tournament. Who can forget Jean van der Velde choke in 1999 or one of the Gurgler’s heroes Rod Pampling leading the first round and not making the cut. Unfortunately Rod won’t be appearing at this shindig to amends.

And so, without Pampling in the field we have our eyes only on one man.

No doubt regular readers of this website will know exactly who we are talking about, in fact he’d still be our number one man anyway.

It can only be the one and only Miguel Angel Jiminez. The world’s greatest sportsman is always a good show in majors, and especially in Britain, and with recent form at the Masters, the Gurgler’s hand are rubbing with anticipated glee. The reduction in usual price to just $81 means there’s more than a few shrewd punters and fans of the Spaniard.

Can he do it? Of course he can. Look out for his infamous warm up routine that the BBC seem to keep a spot in their broadcast for every year. Why wouldn’t they. The only golfer to give back as much as he takes from golf. Our hero. In case he stalls we supply some other roughies below for your consideration.


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