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So it’s finally here. The end of this article. Well not quite there’s still one to go after this one. Oh, you mean the final is finally here (pardon the pun).

Well before we get to the Final we have the third place playoff. The game that neither team wants to play, and that seems to reward mediocre performance in the semi finals. Although, mediocre is a little unfair to Holland who were  involved in one of the most boring scoreless draws in World Cup history. Mediocre is probably a little generous to Brazil. The 7-1 pantsing by the Germans was as pitiful a performance from any team at this stage of any tournament of any sport ever.

Despite all the hoo-hah around the why bother of the third playoff game, it is usually if not always a much better game than the final. Free of the shackles of disappointment once the cars have stopped burning, teams usually attack around the clock and goals are the reward.

Onto the final which is usually not quite the game to finish off a tournament. Germany have destroyed a few teams on their way to the final, most memorably was the aforementioned 7-1 Brazil defeat. Argentina have relied heavily of Messi goodness to get them this far, and even then it is just the occasional piece of brilliance that Messi can produce when allowed.

In general terms it is the team machine of Germany vs an Argentina with some brilliant players. For the English fans it’s a choice of Falklands vs WW II. For the rest of us, who knows.

It’s hard to judge who will grab the top prize, but that certainly won’t stop us delivering our final tips of the World Cup to you.

Theydon Bois: HOLLAND 4-2
Harland Bulwer: HOLLAND 3-1
Kidd Erminster: HOLLAND 2-0

Theydon Bois: Draw 0-0 (Argentina 2-0 aet)
Harland Bulwer: Draw 1-1 (Argentina 2-1 aet)
Kidd Erminster: Draw 1-1 (Argentina 2-1 aet)

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