Gurgler Events proudly presents…a new page.

gurgler eventsWith currently not enough pies for our finger to be placed into, we now branched into live events and celebrations for your consideration.

We aim to provide the highest quality of entertainment, sporting events, and conventions to give the punter what they want.

Our many reader will be lining up to attend all our wonderful events.

This week we bring you the finest in amateur boxing, giving you the bouts that you and everyone have been demanding for decades.

Mike “Now You See It” Meade vs Rob “3 Strikes” Brough is the headline act, and how could it be anything else. The best perm in show business deceives others as a ready made pugilist ready to kick ass is closer to the truth. Mike Meade will know the Line 3 position 6 moves in the ring, but will it be enough against the former Family Feud man. The survey says Brough.

On the undercard are quality bouts which could be the main event on any other night. The No Pants Trophy will decide once and for all which mute pantless character has the vest boxing skills.

Down the card is a perfect match of Dexter v Melvyn. The people’s boxer Dexter will have the crowd on his side, but that won’t stop the Melvynator unleashing his brand of robotic assault.

Finally we will see whether the Mulligrubs face has the bite to back its bark. The lack of evidence of arms means it will  be a tactical bout.

Tickets available on the website at or at the door.

$10 per person or a special $30 family pass which includes 2 adults, 4 children,  2 infants,2 parents in law, 1 mistress, 1 third wheel and1  awkward other family member who another family member has insisted you take them along as they needed to get out of the house.

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